[First I laughed. Then I wondered. Then I shook my head. Then I thought: ‘that makes some sort of sense’. Because patriarchy and gender and women long knowing the division of labour (and men benefiting) you see.]


British women who kick off their work shoes and get stuck into the housework when they get home of an evening, even when their male partners have been at home all day, probably won’t feel any better when they learn that it is much the same in other parts of Europe.

What might make them throw their shoes at someone, however, is a suggestion by academics that women are “displaying their femininity” through housework, even if they have little free time, while men are “demonstrating their masculinity” by ducking out of it.

A joint project between academics in Utrecht and California looked at data from almost 30,000 people in 27 European countries, and in Israel, to examine the impact of recession on domestic labours. The research found that women in the UK spend more than twice as much time doing housework as men: 15.7 hours a week compared with 6.3 hours. The gap closes if the woman is in work and her partner is unemployed, but only slightly.

Where the woman was unemployed, her housework hours rose further, while working men in homes where the woman was working did the same amount of housework as men in households where the woman was unemployed.

Source/ rest: theguardian.com