(It’s like a word-for-word description of some of my days.)


Have you ever had somebody try to explain logically why your feminist views are misdirected? Perhaps you’ve had to watch them draw you a graph, or even a pie chart, delineating why feminism should be replaced with the word “humanism”.

Maybe you’ve tried to contribute to a conversation about sexual violence against women, only to have your opinion drowned out by the booming sound of a man’s voice citing statistics about male rape victims. If, like me, you have, then you have encountered the grim, bespectacled face of intellectualised misogyny.

To increase your chances of spotting a member of this species you might want to head to a university campus – being well-educated is a key aspect of their character. Considering themselves to be an intelligent and progressive member of our society is crucial, as is their often identifying (theoretically, of course) as a feminist. In fact, they might well know more about feminist theory than you do.

Often, this kind of individual is so well-versed in the principles of feminism, so familiar with feminist theory, that the whole thing has started to get a little boring, even jarring. Of course, to them, feminism makes sense logically, but when it comes to the gritty unavoidable matter of everyday feminism – the impassioned debates and irrational outbursts, their patience wears thin. They might tell you loftily how it’s such a shame that a small few keep ruining it for the many – like those rampant feminazis who run around free-bleeding all over everything.

You can spot an intellectual misogynist by where they are not. They probably weren’t at the women’s march, and they might not have attended that lecture series or debate on gender politics; because for them, it didn’t feel like an obligation.

Source/ rest: newstatesman.com