Fast-forward to the so-called feminism of today, which does not concern itself so much with women’s liberation as did the feminism of females now too old to take seriously. We’ve worked out a thrilling new spin on femininity: Today, critical analysis of femininity is derided as simple-minded or trivial — “basic.” It is more complex (and more fun, duh) to do what men wanted us to do all along.

Contemporary feminism revolves around reclaiming femininity, particularly those super, extra fun self-objectifying bits, like the terms “slut” and “bitch” and the ability to walk about in six-inch heels. If men want to show their solidarity with women, they, too, can try out traipsing in heels, in order to experience the full, lived reality of being female in a patriarchy. Even taking a selfie is now a feminist act! By restabilizing “femininity” as the center of “female identity” — what it is to be a female — women’s solidarity has mutated into proud, public displays of allegiance to the symbols and mechanisms of female oppression.

The theory underlying the reclamation of femininity proposes that the crux of women’s oppression has little to do with male-supremacist hatred of females per se. Actually, contemporary feminists argue, hatred of females is merely the product of a vast cultural conspiracy to suppress femininity. It is femininity that is oppressed, not females. Females are simply targeted more often for oppression because their essence tends to be more feminine.

Call me hopelessly pragmatic, but for those of us still interested in liberation, this is a tough pill to swallow. To be “female” means different things in different cultural and situational contexts, with one of the few consistencies being that if you’ve got a vagina, you’re more likely to be subject to men’s sexual violence, to be poor, and to be bought and sold as a commodity to people whose desire is to debase you.

The “Free Femininity!” corps argue, conversely, that we live in a society that loathes the feminine, which is, of course, nothing more than a collection of neutral, apolitical traits some humans (usually females) happen to have. So, persons with feminine characteristics (mostly females) have been led to internalize the permeating anti-femininity attitude and hate their own native femininity. These feminine people (let’s call them “women”), then, commence to hate themselves. This is, apparently, a core problem for femininity-filled persons in the world today.

Source: Feminist Current

(Excerpt etc. first posted on feimineach.com. Orig. attribution above.)

Reclaiming femininity, crippling feminism (by @feministcurrent)