Feminism is a movement for gender equality, fighting for the basic rights: rights to be educated, rights to have social respect, rights to having the same opportunities as men. How is dancing in front of men who have objectified women meant to fight street harassment in the first place? And how does taking off items of clothing account to liberalisation?

I would not call this feminism or empowerment! Because as a feminist, I know how I have made my place in the patriarchal society and fought for my rights. Pakistan is the country where Malala got shot in the head for studying in the school, and Qandeel Baloch murdered by her own brother in the name of honour killing. In that hostile environment, imagine those girls facing street harassment in their real life due to that bizarre advertisement. I believe that Pakistani society seriously needs to redefine their approach to feminism and fighting for equality in order to stop the harassment. Both extremes (being covered in hijab and being repressed or stripping out of clothes) are wrong. Neither being covered in hijabs nor stripping from hijabs can save a woman from street harassment if men think they have the right to cat-call women or harass them. The cure is being a strong, confident woman, and stepping up against men who do this. This video would certainly build a powerful image if the girl would have confronted the man who harassed her and then sought support from those around her in the same street as other men and women would not have condoned this behaviour.

Women are not meant to be objectified or some mere source of entertainment just for the mental arousal of men. What disturbed me about this video was that instead of promoting respect and acceptance for women acting out of the norm of being repressed, the men, who were cat-calling, are simply now filming them with perverted looks, and the ladies continue dancing… for what? To continue being objectified? It was honestly sickening, not to mention, insulting; especially given how much women in countries such as the UK have fought for in the past, just to get voting rights, and even still things like the gender pay game remain unchanged.

Rest: huffingtonpost.co.uk: Paradigm on feminism needs to change (emphasis added).

Shama Junejo A Feminist, Political Scientist and a PhD (Politics) Researcher with a LAW and Two Masters (International Studies & Diplomacy #SOAS, International Relations) degrees https://twitter.com/ShamaJunejo

"I would not call this feminism or empowerment" - @ShamaJunejo