I’m all for female liberation and female empowerment, but sometimes I feel like some women in the western world take the cake by slapping feminism onto anything they do that doesn’t promote the actual definition of feminism which is promoting equality between the sexes. I don’t believe that getting your kit off and promoting promiscuity is on the same level as campaigning for all girls to have a standard education because the population of illiterate women is at a high in developing countries.

Also, I really dislike how anything Taylor Swift does involving her all female squad suddenly makes her a feminist icon. Like cool, you have a group of female friends and you guys want to seem like badasses, that’s dope but what does that actually do for womankind? Sometimes it just seems like feminism is this new shiny label that everyone in pop culture wants to have. I’ve even seen twitter bios of girls proclaiming they are a feminist, which is great but isn’t every woman? Maybe I’m biased and lived in a feminist bubble without even realising it, but why wouldn’t you want to be a feminist as a woman? Like it’s common sense - don’t you want equality? Don’t you want to earn the same level of respect as your male counterpart? I don’t get how it’s something that now is to be proclaimed as your label, which seems to come across to make you look socially aware of societal issues and intellectual.

Some people have a truly warped perception of what feminism is. Before anyone bashes me for any kind of shaming, I’m only sharing my opinion. If you want to get your kit off on social media and proclaim why should your nipples be censored when a man’s nipples aren’t - your life and your choices. Or praising women in pop culture for embracing their sexuality by stripping off and being more sexualised because they feel men do the same, then you do you. But don’t act like it’s a iconic feminist movement for all of womankind. I’d like to see these people who feel they are promoting this iconic feminist movement do something that actually benefits womankind, for the women that need it the most and focuses on real issues that are out there that need that kind of attention.

Faux-empowerment: today's concept of feminism - @Tasha_Okeke