Female doctors in the US are paid nearly $20,000 a year less than their male colleagues, even after factors such as age and years of experience are taken into account, according to a study of medical pay.

The research looked at the gender pay gap among over 10,000 academic doctors working in publicly funded US medical schools across a wide range of specialties.

The results show that female doctors earn, on average, around $50,000 a year less than male doctors, with the pay gap at nearly $20,000 after factors such as age, years of experience and specialty are taken into account.

“Although we were not surprised by the findings of our study, they are nonetheless deeply concerning,” said Anupam B. Jena, first author of the research from Harvard Medical School.

“The fact that men and women in academic medicine who perform similar work are paid different amounts not only has implications for equity but for efficiency; i.e. how can we expect to continue to attract the most talented women into the field if we don’t fix this issue?” said Jena.

Diana Lautenberger, director of women in medicine and science at the Association of American Medical Colleges said such salary analyses are important part of the discussion around gender equality.

[…] While gender pay gaps were found at all levels of academia, the situation was found to be most pronounced for doctors at the top of the academic ladder, with the typical salary for a female full professor on a par with that of a male colleague one professional rung below.

theguardian.com, emphasis added, as always.

Study: women doctors paid $20,000 less than men on average