@dailysquat: Remain voters have told Leave voters that they can stick their pens up their arses after the EU referendum finished as a surprising victory for the Leave campaign.

 As voting progressed, thousands of Leave voters took to social media to advise fellow Leavers to use a pen when they voted so that their ballot couldn’t be tampered with. The movement quickly drew derision from Remainers.

‘Do they seriously think some shadowy figure is waiting to rub out their votes and change them? Why do that when you can just bring a stack of forged votes and switch them out? Or just lie about your count? Fucking morons,’ exclaimed Remain voter, Lisa Pascetti, 32.

‘Look at the mess those pens have got us into. We’re out of the EU, well done. They can stick their pens up their arses now,’ said Remainer, Stephen Bishop, 26.

But Leave voters aren’t taking Stephen’s suggestion in the fun it was probably intended.

‘You think I’m going to stick a pen up my arse when it’d take five hours in A&E to get it removed? Sod that for a barrel of monkeys. I’ll wait until we start re-investing that £350 million a week into the NHS,’ said Lesley Fingers, 56.

Some of the Remain voters may have a short memory though as, last general election, many Labour voters (who generally backed Remain) also boasted of their intelligence of bringing a pen to the voting booths.

It’s important to remember – now more than ever – that Britain still remains united by twattish and pedantic behaviour.

Source: dailysquat: Leave voters can stick their pens up their arses, Remain voters declare