#picturethis: Afghanistan’s first woman street artist brings burqas and feminism to city walls - @badgirlpripri

From the HuffPo:A woman in a purple hijab sits playing the piano, a tear rolling down her cheek. She plays her solitary tune amongst a sea of blue skyscrapers, soaring above the cars that zoom beneath her unnoticed. This subject already wears her contradictions proudly – she is strong, she is vulnerable, she is graceful, creative, separate, sad. And yet, at least it seems, she calls out to no one, content to sit with her feelings and express herself creatively, freely, in peace.This work of street art was made by Shamsia Hassani, widely known as the first prominent woman street artist in Afghanistan. Hassani was born in 1988 in Tehran to Afghan parents, eventually moving to Kabul to pursue her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in visual art. She currently resides in Kabul, where she turns the city’s walls into colorful canvases that spread a message of peace and hope to her community.Through her work, Hassani hopes to present a different view of Afghanistan – one not easily equated with war and violence but beauty and art. “I want to cover all bad memories of war from people’s minds with colors,” she said in an interview withStreet Art Bio.As if Hassani isn’t taking on enough of a challenge, she’s subtly subverting dominant gender norms in the process.I have changed my images to show the strength of women, the joy of women,” Hassani explained in an interview with Art Radar Journal. “In my artwork, there is lots of movement. I want to show that women have returned to Afghan society with a new, stronger shape. It’s not the woman who stays at home. It’s a new woman. A woman who is full of energy, who wants to start again. You can see that in my artwork, I want to change the shape of women. I am painting them larger than life. I want to say that people look at them differently now.”© and read the rest of this piece: Afghanistan’s First Female Street Artist Brings Burqas And Feminism To City Walls (lots more beautiful art work on the link, too).