Niamh, 39, was 14 weeks into her pregnancy when she found out her baby had a fatal foetal abnormality and would die in her womb before the end of the final trimester.

“I remember just sitting in my car in the Phoenix Park after I found out, roaring crying,” she tells TheJournal.ie: “I thought, ‘Well, I’ll just give up work, and go back home to mam and dad.’ I’m married and I live with my husband, but I really thought I’d just be able to hide out until it was all over – because no-one knew I was pregnant.”

Faced with a long waiting list at UK abortion clinics, Niamh travelled instead to Austria, where her husband is from, two weeks after the diagnosis.

Her parents had wanted to go with them, but flights were too expensive at the time.

They flew in for the burial instead.

She told only a few others – two friends, two bosses and immediate family members – about the termination.

The most difficult part, Niamh says, was returning to Ireland without her longed-for baby: “The worst thing for me is that I’ve no grave to go to here – I’ve no physical place to remember her.”

Source and rest: This is what it’s like to have to travel abroad for an abortion

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women's stories: this is what it’s like to have to travel abroad for an abortion