The Women Those ‘Evolution Of Beauty’ Videos Leave Out

With videos like “100 Years of Lingerie in 3 Minutes” or "100 Years of Beauty: Germany,“ the Internet has been treated to gorgeous viral videos that show theglamorous side of women’s lives throughout history, but according toPolish costume blogger Karolina Zebrowska these videos are leaving outreality. ”As a person interested in the history of fashion and beauty itreally bugged me how inaccurate some of these [videos] are. The beautystandards they show are almost always our contemporary stereotypes ofthe past decades,“ Zebrowska said on her blog. Stereotypes, as Zebrowska’s video demonstrates, that often ignorethe reality of women’s lives throughout the 20th century. We prefer toremember women of the past as glamorous fashion ideals rather than realand, often, struggling people.So Zebrowska made her own “Beauty Through the Decades” video, thistime accurately reflecting the fashion demanded of women at differenttimes of economic stress.“To be frank, it was supposed to be just another ‘Beauty Through TheDecades’ video. I saw lots of them already, but they all have seemed toshow beauty standards in a very stereotypical and pop culture way, so Iwanted to do a more historically accurate one,” Zebrowska said in acaption accompanying her video. “As I was doing some research, I becamemore and more aware that beautiful faces and fashion we see on thephotos, ads and fashion plates are just an idealistic version ofreality. So here’s to reality.”Though Zebrowka’s video only covers 1900-1940 and specificallyconsiders white women living in the West, the imagery is a powerfulcommentary both on how we view the past and who we think the women ofthe past were.For instance, when we look at the lovely Gibson Girl of the 1900s we see the feminine ideal at the time.

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