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Powerful Photos Show the Crisis Facing Canada’s Aboriginal Women (on msmagazine)

Between 1980 and 2012, more than 1,100 Aboriginal women in Canada were murdered,and in 2013 there were 164 Aboriginal women who had been missing formore than 30 days. Those numbers come into shocking relief when thesmall population of Aboriginal—also known as First Nations—women iscompared with the total number of missing and murdered women in thecountry: At just 4.3 percentof Canada’s population, First Nations women represent more than 16percent of women murdered and over 11 percent of missing women.First Nations artist Tracey-Mae Chambers took on this crisis in aseries of 1,181 powerful photos—one for each of the murdered and missingwomen.Using encaustic wax—beeswax mixed with pigment, to “create theillusion of flesh,” she says—Chambers created items of clothing designedto look like they’d been worn by female homicide victims. She thenplaced them at politically significant sites, or places where “a bodymay be found,” and photographed them for her series entitled, “Mine isbut a tear in a river.” A small number of the photos were recently shownat an exhibition in Toronto, while the remainder are on display at the Ojibwe Cultural Foundation at M’Chigeeng First Nation on Manitoulin Island.

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