By god, if there’s ever a debate I’m tired of having, it’s the one where we’re told that “feminism isn’t the right word to use because…”. This piece takes on the same argument because despite the frustration, we need to keep answering back. On thenation:

“…people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat…” - Rebecca West

Ever wondered why people, particularly females, hesitate to call themselves “feminists”? Why do women think calling themselves feminists will somehow mean that they are against men? Why do men think that labeling themselves feminists will mean that they are sissy and petty? When did feminism become a bad term to associate yourself with? Does feminism have to do more with degradation of men than the empowerment of women? We live in the 21stcentury and yet we don’t completely understand what the term feminism means and what it stands for. Feminism, in its simplest meaning, stands for the equality of all the sexes, male or female and even transgender, in all the fields and phases of life.

Powerful female figures like Taylor Swift, Madonna, Meryl Steep, etc. have mentioned in the past that they would not like to be called feminists. Some of them believe themselves to be humanists while others argue that feminism is a very strong word and it can isolate them or maybe give an impression that they hate men. While accepting her Billboard’s Woman of the Year award, Katy Perry, who is an inspiration to millions around the globe, mentioned that though she is a strong woman, she does not believe herself to be a feminist. When role models like Perry or Steep talk on such lines, it conveys a very wrong message to our younger generation. It is absolutely toxic to instill an understanding that feminism is a bad word and not worthy enough to associate oneself with.

People claim that we don’t need feminism since it’s a modern age and discrimination against women isn’t a thing anymore. However, this notion is entirely false and those who claim this need a reality check. From disparity in wages, with women getting paid far less than men, to crimes against women to socio-economic or socio-political conditions of women in every single part of the world, it is quite evident from various surveys and according to statistics that gender discrimination against women is still very prevalent. There is not a single part of the world where it can be proven that women are considered equal to men, even in the developed countries like the USA or the UK. Women are still considered secondary beings to men.

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Is feminism a bad word? (by @amnanasir100)