Women around the world will be treated to such an extraordinary feat of feminism in 2016 that they’ll scarcely know what to do with it. No, I’m not talking about the first female president of the United States – that’s small potatoes! Instead, early next year, a new book will present “a brave new perspective on feminism” that feminist academics and activists have inexplicably ignored for decades: how to be hot.

Writer Polly Vernon, who has penned thought-provoking pieces such as “You hate me because I’m thin” and “Am I too old for cleavage?”, is writing a book about how feminists can be cool, fit “and maybe – just maybe – a little bit thinner.”

Finally, women are getting the “feminism” they never asked for.

Vernon’s book, which is excerpted this week in The Times Magazine, is a reaction to a type of feminism that exists largely in the writer’s head, rather than reality.

“What kind of feminist am I now?,” Vernon writes. “The shavy-leggy, fashion-fixated, wrinkle-averse, weight-conscious kind of feminist. The kind who, at 43, likes hot pink and men.”

Because the rest of us are all flannel shirt-wearing man-haters with hairy legs? This caricature died years ago, and any hint that was left Beyoncé promptly trounced last year.

Vernon’s real trouble with feminism today is that she – and some of her friends – finds it judgy. They’re wracked with guilt whenever they get a bikini wax or order a salad (“because feminists don’t eat salad”) as if there is some sort of terrifying feminist overlord checking their nether-regions and lunch menus daily.

Source and rest: Jessica Valeinti - Feminists don’t care if you like hot pink, eat salads or shave your crotch: The Guardian


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Feminists don't care if you like hot pink, eat salads or shave your crotch