As most feminists know, the Women Against Feminism blog has blown up over the past couple of days. Hundreds of women have taken to social media to discuss why they are against the feminist movement, making arguments along the likes of “I love being a woman,” “I love men,” and “feminism isn’t about equality.” As much as I would love to sit with these women and argue with them over what feminism really is and whether or not they should see it necessary, I want to talk about some of the responses that this got. Mostly, from major news outlets.

Many young girls were the pioneers of this “movement”, and it’s comes as no shock that, despite the fact that feminism seems to be “in the public eye,” it’s definitely still got a string of stigmas attached to it. In fact, I can’t tell you the last time I met someone and immediately started talking feminism with them without hesitating around the F-word. Honestly, most people I know take less offense to f*%k than they do feminism. (Not that either is offensive, but you know, one is labeled as a swear word.)

You see, the first problem with Women Against Feminism is that it views feminism as a movement which oppresses women in and of itself. Most of us know that this is bullhonkey and the people writing the opinion pieces about “the right questions” that Women Against Feminism is asking know this as well. However, no one is rushing to defend our side because we are seen as a scary vacuum that’s come to suck up all the men and create a Herland-esque utopia. Anything that we say from criticizing how men take up too much room on public transportation to critiquing pop culture is deemed irritating and totally unnecessary. Deconstructing harmful practices? Nah, that’s just fem-splained code for “We are going to create female supremacy.”

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Feminism Isn't Perfect, But it Sure Beats #womenagainstfeminism