This was posted a while ago on the conversation (Megan Willis) but it still makes me laugh. More importantly, it’s a good takedown of inaccurate reporting of a small and inconclusive study.

Attention women of the world: according to a flood of recent news headlines (78 at last count), it’s time to stop watching the news because negative news stories stress you out more than they do men.

These headlines were prompted by a study published last week in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS ONE. The study claimed that after reading negative news stories, women were more reactive to stress and more likely to remember than men.

What a fascinating notion. There I was thinking my ability to remember negative news stories was in some way attributable to my excellent memory, but it turns out it’s just because I’m a woman.

Or is it?

Before you reach for the remote control, it’s worth taking a detailed look at the study.

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