The tweets and posts on Women against Feminism demonstrate a fundamental misunderstanding as to what feminism actually is: the liberation of women.

More excellent commentary by Louise Pennington (elegantgatheringofwhitesnows.com) on the recent #WomenAgainstFeminism trending hashtag on twitter.

Freedom & Equality has no gender, and shouldn’t have one. As long as no harm come to one another, people deserve to live their lives freely and equally. No strings attached.

This statement is one that every feminist could agree with - the political theory of feminism is a huge one and we frequently disagree with one another on a host of issues from pornography, prostitution, trans-inclusion to the implementation of quotas in businesses. Yet, most of us would agree with the above. But, this statement wasn’t written by a feminist. It is one of many which appears on the Women Against Feminism tumblr and twitter accounts. Others include:

  • I believe in equal rights for all!
    • I believe that men and women should be EQUAL, not that women should belittle men.
    • I don’t need feminism because my boyfriend treats me right.
  • ‪#WomenAgainstFeminism bc feminists today are truly intolerant, incapable of debate & will attack anyone who challenges their agenda
  • ‪#WomenAgainstFeminism because I don’t need to blame everything that happens on a man.
  • Feminism has hurt men, women, and children to serve the few at the top who couldn’t make it on their own. ‪#WomenAgainstFeminism

And, my personal bugbear:

  • I don’t need feminism because I’m a humanist!

Nothing irritates me more than the misappropriation of humanism, which is a centuries old intellectual movement based on rationality and science. The term itself predates feminism by nearly a century so how humanism can be the response to feminism is beyond me. If you’re going to complain about feminism, at least use equalism instead of co-opting an actual movement which many date to the Renaissance.

Rest: HuffPo.


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