Can everyone please stop asking us to “rebrand” already? Regardless of the differences in the principles of the three theoretical positions (feminism, humanism and egalitarianism), the real issue is that the fight for the equality and safety of women (in any form and within any theoretical paradigm) is so threatening to an elitist and privileged status quo that it will never be acceptable. It is that that needs to be re-examined instead.

There’s a question that many Feminists are sick of being asked:

“If feminism is about equal rights for everyone, why don’t you call it equality-ism or humanism?”

Here’s the short answer:

Feminism isn’t called Humanism or Egalitarianism because Feminism, Humanism, and Egalitarianism are three distinct theories.

Feminism isn’t called Humanism or Egalitarianism because Egalitarianism and Humanism pre-existed the idea that ‘women could or even should be recognized as persons’ and didn’t care to take up the cause of gender equity, or to combat homophobia, or racism, or other prejudices that human rights law seeks to eradicate.

Feminism declines to change its name to not include the ‘fem’ because the desire to erase the feminine is negatively prejudicial.

Feminism is called Feminism precisely because of the anti-fem sentiment infecting this planet.

On Feminspire.

Feminists Are NOT Humanists - And We Should Not Be Renamed