On guttmacher:

About 40% of births are reported as unintended by men, mirroring rates of unintended births among women, according to “Exploring U.S. Men’s Birth Intentions,” by Laura Lindberg and Kathryn Kost of the Guttmacher Institute. Roughly two-thirds of unintended births are mistimed, according to the fathers, while about one-third are unwanted.

The authors’ analysis of data from the 2006–2010 National Survey of Family Growth found that rates of unintended births vary significantly by fathers’ union status, age, education level, and race and ethnicity. For example, three out of four births reported by single men were unintended, compared with only one of four births reported by married men. Surprisingly, more than one in ten single men indicated that they did not know about the pregnancy until after the child was born.

Unintended births were more common among younger men and men with lower levels of education than among older and more educated men, respectively. Racial and ethnic disparities were also apparent. Unintended births were especially prevalent among black men, the majority of whose births were unintended (51%), while smaller proportions were unintended among Hispanic men (38%) and white men (34%). [Rest.]