#guestpost: the 2.2%: meet the women who drive London’s cabs


This is a man’s world. And if you have any reservations about that statement, we’re about to hit you with some pretty depressing statistics. Buckle up… 36% of secondary school headteachers are women, despite the fact that 62% of the secondary school workforce is female A meagre 29% of the UK’s MPs are women Women hold just 11% of roles […]

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#womenslives: Do we value women’s work?


Do we value women’s work? (The F-Word) Global Women’s Strike argue it’s time to stand up for women’s unpaid care work. It is forty years since the women of Iceland took a Day Off and brought the country to a halt and 20 years since we won a commitment from governments celebrating the UN Decade for Women to include the […]

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#research: ‘Women are just better at this stuff’: is emotional labor feminism’s next frontier? (guardian)

‘Women are just better at this stuff’: is emotional labor feminism’s next frontier? (guardian) In a work context, emotional labor refers to the expectation that a worker should manipulate either her actual feelings or the appearance of her feelings in order to satisfy the perceived requirements of her job. Emotional labor also covers the requirement that a worker should modulate […]

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#research: Patriarchy’s Magic Trick: How Anything Perceived As Women’s Work Immediately Sheds Its Value

I’ve posted quite a bit about gender imbalance in the workplace this week (particularly in terms in science careers) and here is another. This post (from cratesandribbons) is from a while back but it’s well worth posting again. It debunks the idea that women earn less than men because they “naturally” gravitate towards less well paid industries and puts forth […]

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