“The debate over abortion doesn’t have anything to do with fetuses at all” – @uajamie, @skepchicks

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Don’t be fooled, folks. This is nothing to do with the little babies and everything to do with control (and punishing) women. Jamie Bernstein on skepchick: I’ve been thinking about the fight for women’s healthcare a lot lately, mainly due to the influx of messages we’ve been getting to Skepchick in the past month virtually throwing a temper tantrum about Rebecca’s video “Planned […]

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“Institutionalized sexism in business world means higher a woman rises the higher the costs of having that position” – @uajamie, @skepchicks

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Lack of promotions (or applications for promotions) in the business world (see also: academia) are little to do with women’s ambitions or talents, argues Jamie Bernstein on skepchick, and much more about the expectations placed on women outside of, and in, work which only get worse the more successful women become. A group of women researchers at Harvard recently released the results of […]

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#womensstories: violence online: “Women are taught from an early age to try not to cause a scene” –  @AlisonLeiby

feminism - online abuse, misogyny

What made this tweet different than all my other tweets (and please read that in your best Passover Seder voice), is that in the last few weeks I’ve received hundreds of negative replies from men ranging from from the tame “You’re not funny” comments to the harder to ignore threats suggesting they should rape me with a toothbrush. […] Men were […]

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“Greenham Common became a high-profile, long-lasting experiment in feminist co-operative living” – @tr0ublemayer

women - activism (greenham common)

Wonderful post about Greenham Common. Well worth a morning read. On openDemocracy by Sophie Mayer: But the legend of Greenham – an alternative world created by and for women activists – was something I absorbed during my feminist becoming. Beeban Kidron and Amanda Richardson’s documentary Carry Greenham Home (1983) was my first encounter with the rich, diffuse archive of Greenham stories. Here were women […]

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“To continually assert that Hillary Clinton is representative of “the establishment,” into the…”

“To continually assert that [Hillary Clinton] is representative of “the establishment,” into the highest echelons of which women aren’t even allowed, is a neat way of obfuscating the fact that she is, in her very personhood, a challenge to the establishment. Let me say that again, plainly: Sanders calls Clinton emblematic of an establishment that has never even allowed a […]

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“It can be an uncomfortable and painful process to encounter new ideas or opinions, especially if…”

“It can be an uncomfortable and painful process to encounter new ideas or opinions, especially if they are directly critical of your work. But this process is imperative; a true discourse—however challenging—is vital to moving us toward a more equitable and informed society. I keep this in mind when others call out issues they see in my words, and have […]

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“Need to push back against idea that femininity somehow at odds with serious science” – @uajamie, @skepchicks

women, science, STEM

Jamie Bernstein on skepchick cautions against condescending to women, and vilifying femininity, in the push to encourage more women into STEM areas. Good points, and well made. Over at Quartz, Shannon Palus wrote a great piece about how condescending so many campaigns to get women into STEM are, whereby companies market to women using female stereotypes under the assumption that it […]

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#inhaste: Donald Trump is giving America permission to hate women

#inhaste (transp)

From huffpo: In the wake of Donald Trump’s announcement that he would not participate in the Jan. 28 GOP debate because Megyn Kelly is moderating, Kelly has been subjected to a barrage of misogynistic abuse online. It’s disgusting and depressing, but not at all surprising, for two reasons: Because many people (read: trolls) feel empowered to talk to women online in a degrading, […]

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“My first basic thought was, what would we expect misogyny to be, understood as the most hostile and…”

My first basic thought was, what would we expect misogyny to be, understood as the most hostile and toxic manifestation of patriarchal ideology? Not a uniform hatred of women, surely. Patriarchal social structures, in conjunction with the ideology that governs them, work to make women into men’s deferential, attentive social subordinates, and to mask many of the forms of dominance […]

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Reproductive rights in 2016 (US): “States enacted 288 new abortion restrictions from 2011 to 2015” – @byninamartin

feminism - (prochoice) stop the war on women's bodies

By: Nina Martin on lipstickandpolitics,* here’s what to watch out for in reproductive rights in 2016: During 2015, many major events occurred that challenged women’s reproductive rights. But these challenges are not behind us and many struggles still await supporters of Planned Parenthood. Here’s a reflection of the past year for reproductive rights and what to watch and pay attention to for […]

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“This means that the Assembly has no right to pass laws that ban abortion in the case of rape and fatal foetal abnormality” (NI) (@scopeNI)

feminism - (prochoice) ireland

Nick Garbutt (scopeNI) on the abortion ruling in Northern Ireland that found that banning abortions in cases of fatal feotal abnormality, and in cases of rape, is against the Human Rights Convention. In a landmark ruling that surprised many observers, Judge Mark Horner found that banning abortions of foetuses with fatal abnormalities, or that were conceived as a result of sexual crime, is incompatible with […]

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Islamophobia is gender violence and a feminist issue (from @FemReligion)

women - muslim women (judge me by what's in my head)

This is an excellent and important essay exploring the particularly gendered violence of Islamophobia (that is, that anti-muslim violence is disproportionately directed at women) and how Islamophobia is a feminist issue. The case of Larycia Hawkins, an African-American Christian, Associate Professor of political science at Wheaton College in the United States, who published a photo on Christmas day on Facebook wearing a headscarf in […]

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