Campus rape: “Rape culture is created and enabled by patriarchy, which empowers men at the expense of women” – @conversationUK

feminism - rape culture (being drunk is not consent)

On The Conversation: Elisabet le Roux, Stellenbosch University (and sort of follow-up to this piece from earlier: Campus assault: “Most likely attacker will be friend or acquaintance” – @conversationUK) Lady Gaga’s performance of Til it happens to you at the 2016 Academy Awards drew worldwide attention to sexual violence, and specifically the recent increase in sexual assault on American university campuses. It […]

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“Empowerment has become a synonym for self-indulgent narcissism” – @HadleyFreeman

feminism - choice, liberal, feminism

Hadley Freeman on “choice” and “individual” feminism, faux-empowerment, capitulating to the patriarchy (for that is what it is), and consumerist feminist practices. (Really, you need read no further than the very mention of Gwyneth Paltrow. Never before have two words been so informative.) (Oh, and though I didn’t plan it so, this pieces offers an interesting contrast with this one, […]

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“Expectations affect a woman’s ability to work outside the home” @toreyvanoot

women - women's work, capitalism, unpaid labour

On refinery29, and following on from this post, here’s some more on women and work. labour. Headline: “Across the globe, women spend about 4.5 hours a day on unpaid labor, such as child care and household chores. For men, that figure drops in half.” Also: “The expectations affect a woman’s ability to work outside the home.” That’s a pretty significant difference, even […]

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#todayin: sexism: Women with vocational qualifications earn 15% less than men

From the guardian (emphasis added): Young women with vocational qualifications earn 15% less than their male peers, a significantly bigger pay gap than for those with academic qualifications, according to new research. Men aged between 22 and 30 with a vocational qualification above GCSE level earn on average £10 an hour, the Trades Union Congress (TUC) found in an analysis […]

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“[He] felt it was worth paying $100 to have sex with a woman who had a tearstained face and bleeding wrists” – Rhiannon on @meltankardreist

feminism - sex workd, men who buy sex

TW, of course. At Rhiannon’s lowest point, she agreed to sex for money with a man who found her drunk, high on prescription drugs and crying on the street outside the strip club where she worked. Back at his home, she cut her wrists in his bathroom and stuck toilet paper on them. “The man felt it was worth paying […]

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“The mere act of writing about women’s issues sets off a stream of harassment and threats” – @JessicaValenti

women - online harassment, online abuse, trolling (2)

More on abuse online. Jessica Valenti on the Guardian: When the Guardian examined the 1.4 million comments that have been blocked by moderators since 1999, they found that eight of the 10 writers receiving the most blocked comments were women, and topping the list was … well, me. Sure, there’s a small part of me that’s proud – I’m No […]

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We’re blind to an epidemic of domestic abuse

From the guardian (emphasis added): According to an analysis of Office for National Statistics crime data, an estimated1.4 million women in Britain suffered domestic abuse in the year 2013-14. (Men are targeted as well, but female victims outnumber them by two-to-one in ONS estimates and three-to-one in cases recorded by big police forces.) The figures are shocking, but they do […]

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‘It’s not about victim blaming, we assure them; it’s just about “personal responsibility.”‘ – @amandataub

feminism - online abuse, misogyny

This is also a reminder of what we’re really doing when we ask women or other vulnerable people to protect themselves from danger or abuse by changing their own behavior. Don’t walk down the dark alley alone at night. Don’t get drunk. Don’t feed the trolls. That’s especially difficult when it comes to issues like online abuse, where the collective […]

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“Online harassment of women so widespread, study warns it risks becoming ‘established norm’ of online behavior” – @amandataub

feminism - trolls (online harassment)

Online harassment of women is so widespread that one study recently warned it risks becoming an “established norm” of online behavior. And the Guardian study published yesterday found that abusive comments were disproportionately directed at women and minorities. Articles written by white men were far less likely to incur abuse. That means it is disproportionately women and minorities who must […]

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“When women have to avoid controversy in order to avoid online abuse, we all lose” – @amandataub

Women and trolls (online abuse)

Vox doesn’t have comments. So when I read the Guardian’s article yesterday about its study of abuse in its own comments section, I wasn’t expecting to find a concise summation of my own situation vis-à-vis online trolls. But there it was, my problem in a nutshell: Conversations about crosswords, cricket, horse racing and jazz were respectful; discussions about the Israel/Palestine conflict […]

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#todayin: pictures: When 90 percent of Iceland’s women went on strike in 1975 – @mayadusenbery

Originally sparked by the Haymarket Massacre of 1886, when police cracked down on peaceful protestors rallying for an eight-hour work day in Chicago, International Workers’ Day has enjoyed a bit of a revival in the last several years. In 2006, activists organized “a day without an immigrant,” and immigrants’ rights actions have been a big focus of the day ever since. A couple years ago, Occupy […]

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#todayin: who would have thunk it! Women more likely to support gender equality – @pewresearch

Findings from @pewresearch. It’s no surprise that women are more in support of gender equality (patriarchy, anyone?) but here’s what’s frustrating: gender equality ranks below religious freedom in goals (is that the word)? Why?! I’m not the only one who balks at that, right? Gender equality and women’s empowerment is one of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. And gender […]

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