#womenslives: he thinks you’re a hoe anyway! the -1 vs. +1 woman’s value theory – @thefeministwire

women - slut, stud, double standard

By the by, this is a really great series of posts (feministwire) where women talk about their lives, stories, experiences, and feminisms. Look for emerging feminisms on feministwire. This one: He Thinks You’re A Hoe Anyway! The -1 vs. +1 Woman’s Value Theory Narrative: A woman’s “value” lowers as her sexual partners increases, while a man’s “value” rises as his sexual […]

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#todayin: srsly! Can we stop calling inspirational women ‘badass babes’? – @bellejarteam

feminism - (sexism) sexism still exists

Actually seriously. It’s offensive and it MAKES NO SENSE. BelleJar: A trend has arisen in popular feminist discourse where people have opted for the terms ‘babes’ and ‘badasses’ (and even the combined ‘badass babes’) when describing female change-makers. These terms have been popularised in feminist dialogue over the past few years and have been used in countlessarticlesoverandoveragain, articles that aim to […]

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#guestpost: Catching whores and sluts: sexism and fishing


This is a guestpost by Elin Weiss. Elin has a Master’s degree in Women’s Studies. Her interests include feminism, gender stereotypes, the sexualization of women and the portrayal of women and men in media. More of her work can be found at the fwsablog, thefword, and metapshychology. *** Catching whores and sluts: sexism and fishing My partner is into pike fishing. […]

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#womensstories: puberty ruined me – @thefeministwire

women - smash the patriarchy hammer

Sexual education was severely lacking at my grade school, because the students were only allowed to know sex is on a biological level, and how bodies grew when they went through puberty. We weren’t informed of the bigger, cultural picture of how pleasure, non-hetero relationships, and sexual health are integrated into everyday life, or the effects of what gendering and […]

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#afeministtakeon: rebellion – @lip_mag

It’s on the list. Rosie Hunt on lipmag: Rebellion is a historical drama that puts women at the centre of the action. The five-part mini series premiered earlier this year, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland, and is still available on Netflix for subscribers to binge-watch at their leisure. The series begins in 1914, with three […]

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#todayin: misogyny: How ‘hysteria’ has been used to degrade and control women – @ConversationUK

women - uterus, women, hysteria

By Paula Michaels, Monash University: […] hysteria’s long, dark past as a medical diagnosis casts a shadow over our modern colloquial use. With a genealogy that can be traced back 4000 years to ancient Egypt, hysteria can arguably be understood as Western civilisation’s first conceptualisation of mental illness. Ancient physicians attributed erratic female behaviour to spontaneous movement of the womb, with […]

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#womenslives: Study: sexual harassment “part of job” for women in tech – @DianaTourjee/ @broadly

feminism - don't tell me to smile (street harassment) badge

Piece by @DianaTourjee on @broadly (emphasis added): A recent report finds that 60 percent of women working in the tech industry in Silicon Valley have experienced sexual harassment. A staggering 90 percent of the women interviewed in the study, which was titled Elephant in the Valley, reportedly “witnessed sexist behavior at company offsites and/or industry conferences.” In other cases, the sexism women […]

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#womenstories: “Husbands can divorce any time, without reason. A woman can’t divorce unless her husband doesn’t give her food or clothes.”

“Husbands can divorce any time, without reason. A woman can’t divorce unless her husband doesn’t give her food or clothes.” Afghanistan, domestic violence and divorce: one woman’s harrowing story theguardian.com (emphasis added, as always) Sune Engel Rasmussen, in Herat: Seventeen months after Setara’s husband cut her face and chest with a knife, disfiguring her for life and only narrowly failing to […]

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#todayin: pictures: revisiting mary ellen mark’s powerful photos of seattle street kids – @vicemag

In 1983, Mary Ellen Mark began shooting portraits of homeless youth in Seattle for what began as a photo essay for LIFE magazine and would ultimately become her landmark series Streetwise. It was during this period that Mark met a 13-year-old prostitute named Tiny — real name Erin Blackwell — who dreamed of having a horse farm, diamonds and furs, […]

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#todayin: fighting back: Women are being kept out of Irish theatre and a group of artists is fighting back

#todayin: fighting back: Women are being kept out of Irish theatre and a group of artists is fighting back (Such a good point about women’s voices and women speaking at all.) From msmagazine: Comedian and writer Maeve Higgins had some strong words for her native Ireland during a recent symposium in New York: “[It’s] a wet little rock full of […]

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#womenstories: Girlhood defined through the decades: stories from women age 18 to 80 – @vice

#womenstories: Girlhood defined through the decades: stories from women age 18 to 80 – @vice From Vice. I’ve posted some of the stories from the older women deliberately. They’re affecting (and in places, wonderful). Gee Vaucher, 71: “Women used graffiti to change the messages everyone was faced with.” (top photo) The feminist movement of the 70s was, of course, very […]

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#todayin: *smh* Don’t forget the men on International Women’s Day

men - poor menz, what about the men

This is a takedown, of course, on York Feminist Network. It’s about a piece on a local radio station on IWD which claimed that we “hardly ever celebrate men”. Honest to heaven, what planet are they on? Certainly not this one which celebrates men, by default, every single flipping day. My response to the “When is International Men’s Day” question that is prevalent at […]

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feminism - feminism me graffiti

We reached the stage where this discussion about Hillary and the women vote has become “this old chestnut” already. That’s how much it’s done the rounds. There’s an assumption that women (and particularly young women, for reasons unexplained) should vote for Clinton in the November elections, unquestioningly, and, if they don’t, there’s something wrong with her, them, or both (but probably them). Commentators […]

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#todayin: pictures: Afghanistan’s first woman street artist brings burqas and feminism to city walls – @badgirlpripri

feminism - (sexism) (no sexism)

From the HuffPo: A woman in a purple hijab sits playing the piano, a tear rolling down her cheek. She plays her solitary tune amongst a sea of blue skyscrapers, soaring above the cars that zoom beneath her unnoticed. This subject already wears her contradictions proudly — she is strong, she is vulnerable, she is graceful, creative, separate, sad. And yet, […]

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