#research: Will women vote for women in 2018? It depends on if they’re married – @ConversationUK

[O]ur research indicates that Clinton’s failure to capture the white female vote is, in part, based in something more fundamental – marriage.   The fate of women We found that when married white women felt disconnected from other women, answering “no” to the question above, they were less likely to identify as a Democrat, and more likely to hold conservative […]

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#feminismisdead: Trump’s moniker, “Crooked Hillary”, was a masterstroke

Trump’s moniker, “Crooked Hillary”, was a masterstroke. Snappy yet vague (and thus irrefutable), it gained instant traction. But it was hardly original. In portraying his opponent as untrustworthy, corrupt, and unfit for public office, Trump was reworking a theme common in the anti-feminist rhetoric of the post-war period. Writer Philip Wylie’s 1942 best-selling polemic, Generation of Vipers, excoriated American women […]

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#vivelafeminism: Why feminists shouldn’t trust Hillary Clinton – @kathy__gee

“If a President Clinton returns to her old neoliberal self, feminists and other progressives would need to start planning for a 2020 primary challenge.” ••• [T]here’s a viable alternative both to outright opposition to Hillary and the happy talk of her feminist fans—one that is at once more intellectually honest and more politically constructive. Political theorist Nancy Fraser has dubbed […]

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#patriarchiesrealign: sustained gender inequality in the British Government

Che Ramsden in openDemocracy unpicks the sustained gender inequality in the British Government. See also: Strengthening democracy: tackling the over-representation of men. This piece: opendemocracy (emphasis added): Last year, having failed to label himself a ‘feminist’ in the run-up to the General Election, David Cameron finally qualified, when challenged by Rupa Huq MP, he said that “if feminism means we […]

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#womensstories: What a year of leading Britain’s first feminist political party has taught me – @sophierunning


#womensstories: What a year of leading Britain’s first feminist political party has taught me – @sophierunning “[H]ow it feels to be totally, blissfully liberated from Britain’s male, white, traditional political agenda and to feel the power of feminism as a political force again.”– Sophie Walker (@WEP_uk) Sophie Walker in the telegraph today. At the start of 2015 I made a […]

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I was asked on a comment elsewhere today: “I wonder what Elizabeth Cady Stanton would think of it all?” Good question, I thought. Though the question related to another issue, it could easily be asked also about Labour’s Harriet Harman’s new initiative to engage women voters: a pink campaign bus. Harman claims: The message she wanted to get across to […]

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