#todayin: pictures: powerful photos show the crisis facing Canada’s aboriginal women

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Between 1980 and 2012, more than 1,100 Aboriginal women in Canada were murdered, and in 2013 there were 164 Aboriginal women who had been missing for more than 30 days. Those numbers come into shocking relief when the small population of Aboriginal—also known as First Nations—women is compared with the total number of missing and murdered women in the country: […]

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#todayin: misogyny: “Crying wolf”: Why don’t the police believe women?

criminology - policing rape

On Feminist Times: In December 2012 Naomi Oni was attacked with acid on her commute home from work by a jealous friend. The fear, pain and panic of this horrific attack are difficult to comfortably contemplate. Unfortunately for Naomi, this was only the start of her ordeal. Painful medical procedures, a prolonged hospital admission, and a traumatic police investigation added to her distress. […]

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#todayin: misogyny: We Live In A Rape Culture

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Very good post breaking down rape culture, for those still in doubt that it exists. On the thefeministwire: Many people object to the phrase “rape culture.”  They don’t understand how a culture as civilized as ours can be defined by a force as destructive as rape. They deem it an overstatement, an “over-analysis” by angry bra-burning feminists. Some even consider […]

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#todayin: misogyny: report: that’s what she said: #ladculture in universities

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Universities seldom take action in relation to sexist incidents, often suggesting that women need to take responsibility for keeping themselves safe. […] That lad culture punishes those women students who step up to lead the struggle for women’s equality is proof that it contributes to women’s continued oppression. […] There is a danger that women students will slip through the […]

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