#picturethis: Overcoming anger through street art


#picturethis: Overcoming anger through street art: a sexual assault survivor’s story – @estblshmnt An artist known as ‘Miss Me’ has used artful vandalism to reclaim female power — and in the process, her own life. Before it happened, Miss Me had been living a “normal life,” she says. Everything fit: her job, her friends, her understanding of the world and herself.But then […]

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#womenslives: “I have never been sexually assaulted.”

#womenslives; #womensstories: I have never been sexually assaulted.When I was eight, I was riding my bike down a main street in my home town when a group of men drove by. I would never have noticed them if one hadn’t yelled, “I WANT TO LICK YOUR PUSSY!” to me through the rolled down window as they passed. The men probably […]

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#womenslives: “Have you ever wondered how much energy you put in to avoid being assaulted?”

#womenslives: Have you ever wondered how much energy you put in to avoid being assaulted? It may shock you – @conversationUK My recent research looked at how women navigate interruptions, intrusions, and harassment from unknown men in public. What was most surprising was how all 50 of the women I interviewed significantly underestimated the amount of work they were putting […]

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#todayin: fighting back: “A feminist internet is one where online violence against women is taken seriously and addressed” – @chitranagarajan

This piece is getting a lot of coverage, and for good reason. From the guardian, emphasis added. Although the violence women and girls experience online has received growing attention from the media, politicians and technology companies, what is often missing from conversations is the fact that some women are fighting back. Activists are taking action against online abuse and working […]

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#vivelafeminism: ‘Marketplace Feminism’ and the Commodification of Empowerment – Susan J. Douglas

“This feel-good, hip feminism is about style, attitudes and words, Zeisler argues, not about confronting “deeply entrenched forms of inequality.”” Susan J. Douglas on inthesetimes.com: Feminism seems to have made a big comeback. In Verizon’s 2014 “Inspire Her Mind” ad, a voice issues patriarchal dictates as a girl defies them: “don’t get your dress dirty” as she stomps through a […]

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#womenslives: “I’ve never seen a poster giving tips to stop me being potentially run over by a motorist” – @FeministIre

The dark, lurking horror of parenting girls (and what we’re teaching them about their bodies). @FeministIre (emphasis added, as always): So, with this in mind what are we teaching girls about that? Are we telling them to watch out for the man who lives next door/the older cousin/the guy you’ve been dating for 6 months/his best friend? Are we teaching […]

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#maleficentmisogyny: pornography is violence against women


It is crucial to understand pornography as a form of violence against women. Overwhelmingly, content is produced and consumed by men, with strikingly consistent themes. The content categories of two of the most popular tube sites — XHamster and Pornhub — reveal a dismal pattern of endless scenarios of male dominance and female subordination, categorized by specific acts, female body […]

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#maleficentmisogyny: When asked, “How do you …

I reblogged a piece about this report before but it’s a worth a reboot because it’s horrific. When asked, “How do you know a guy likes you?,” an 8th grade girl replied: “He still wants to talk to you after you [give him oral sex].” A male high school student said to a girl: “If you [give me oral sex] […]

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#research: “[Porn] is influencing men’s attitude towards women and what they think is acceptable” – via @meltankardreist

“We need some sort of crack down on the violent pornography that is currently accessible to boys and men. This violent pornography should be illegal to make or view in Australia as we clearly have a problem with violence and boys are watching a lot of pornography which can be very violent … This is influencing men’s attitude towards women […]

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#womenslives: Four women share their stories about rape, disclosure, and dealing with rape myths


Grim reading on openDemocracy. Four women share their stories about rape, disclosure, and dealing with rape myths. TW. Women of the World (WOW) created a public, cultural space where women’s stories of survival and their manner of telling them expanded their particular narratives into the universal and political. Four women, from Pakistan, the US, Britain and Germany, sit quietly on […]

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#todayin: rape culture


In the week leading up to Christmas, I had a lot of festive-type things on my to-do list. Purchasing gifts, finally putting up the tree, and preparing to go away to visit family. But that’s not what I did.Instead I accompanied a close friend to court for the trial of the man who allegedly raped her.Her employer, John*, the dealer […]

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#maleficentmisogyny: sex in pornography

I was 12. I thought Kate and I were simply too naive to aspire to the heights of sexual maturity to which the boys had risen.Their wisdom seemed self-evident – they did, after all, studiously compare notes on the hottest porn star on RedTube, and congratulate one another on the previous night’s masturbation.It only occurred to me recently, at the […]

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