“Donald Trump is epically unprepared to be president. He has no realistic policies, no advisers, no…”

x-posted from tumblr.feimineach: “Donald Trump is epically unprepared to be president. He has no realistic policies, no advisers, no capacity to learn. His vast narcissism makes him a closed fortress. He doesn’t know what he doesn’t know and he’s uninterested in finding out. He insults the office Abraham Lincoln once occupied by running for it with less preparation than most […]

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#inhaste: Evangelicals’ support of Trump shouldn’t come as a surprise


From the LAtimes: “So all that head-scratching isn’t necessary; it should come as little surprise that the candidate of choice for evangelicals so far in this 2016 election season is a twice-divorced, thrice-married billionaire famous for firing people on TV, who belittles the disabled and advocates policies — on immigration, for example, or the environment — utterly at odds with […]

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research: “Trump embodies the classic authoritarian leadership style: simple, powerful, and punitive”  – @amandataub

politics - trump, authoritarianism, US politics

Here’s a very detailed essay on Vox which explores why and how authoritarianism is popular in the US and how it’s benefiting the likes of Trump in the run-up to the US election. The main message is that we should not think that this is some sort of temporary trend or anomaly or that it’s not to be taken seriously. There’s far-reaching support […]

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Gloria Steinem, socialism and feminism

feminism - socialist feminism

In 1905, Eugene V. Debs, the popular labor activist and Socialist Party leader, had a speaking engagement in Rochester, New York and went to visit the aging women’s rights pioneer Susan B. Anthony at her home there. They exchanged memories of their previous meeting; then Anthony took Debs’s hand and, with good humor, said, “Give us suffrage and we’ll give […]

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#todayin: politics: younger women not voting for Hillary because she killed feminism – @nickgillespie

politics - clinton (US politics)

Why aren’t women en masse—or at least in Democratic primaries and polls—flocking in support of the first female president in U.S. history? Is it that “intersectionality” (the idea that race, class, and gender are so intertwined that even self-identified feminists no longer care first and foremost about gender) now reigns supreme in terms of cultural and political identity? Is it […]

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“It’s an outdated (and establishment) way of thinking about gender politics” – @RanaForoohar

politics - women in politics

This election cycle’s chief theme has been the triumph of outsiders and outsider views over the establishment. High-profile Hillary Clinton supporters, including feminist icon Gloria Steinem and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, have added more fuel to that fire by suggesting that young women should be voting for Clinton just because she’s a woman. Albright has said “there’s a […]

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The “gender card”: “It’s a gender card that men’s bodies are not publicly debated” – @schemaly

gender - the gender card

“Google “gender card” and the results look like this: “Clinton Plays the Gender Card,” “Why playing the ‘gender card’ really could be enough for Hillary Clinton,” “Carly’s Not Playing the Gender Card,” or, conversely, “It’s Time for Carly Fiorina to Stop Playing the Gender Card.” If there is a reference to male candidates playing the gender card, it’s buried. In […]

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“To continually assert that Hillary Clinton is representative of “the establishment,” into the…”

“To continually assert that [Hillary Clinton] is representative of “the establishment,” into the highest echelons of which women aren’t even allowed, is a neat way of obfuscating the fact that she is, in her very personhood, a challenge to the establishment. Let me say that again, plainly: Sanders calls Clinton emblematic of an establishment that has never even allowed a […]

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Hillary’s big problem: motivating younger women voters: “Shattering “that highest, hardest glass ceiling” doesn’t seem revolutionary to some younger women” – @JillAbramson

women - women in politics, vote women

Hillary is just not revolutionary enough for younger women voters. By  Jill Abramson on alternet: The other day in Manhattan, Hillary Clinton supporters met for lunch at the home of the media executive Geraldine Laybourne. A group of 50, mostly women, was determined to generate excitement for Clinton’s campaign for president. They were frustrated to see her lagging again among younger voters, and […]

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#todayin: misogyny: the Creepy Misogynist Movement That’s Making Conservatives Even More Sexist

politics - american conservatives and abortion

This can warm the cockles of your hard on a cold Winter day. (Or, rather, terrify you to within an inch of your life.) American conservatives, fretting that they’re not quite sexist enough, up the ante every so often. At the moment, it’s all about Men’s Rights Activists. In short, they’re the folks who believe that “women [are] a subversive […]

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US right wingers claim marriage solves poverty for women

It’s the 1950s, in case you were wondering what happened there. On lip magazine: Bush administration press secretary, Ari Fleischer has proposed that marriage inequality is the cause of a hell of a lot of single ladies’ poverty. In a conservative editorial published in the Wall Street Journal, Fleischer implored US President Barack Obama to focus economic policy around the […]

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How the GOP Became the ‘White Man’s Party’

On alternet The following is an excerpt from Ian Haney-López’s new book, “Dog Whistle Politics: How Coded Racial Appeals Have Reinvented Racism and Wrecked the Middle Class.” (Oxford University Press, 2014) . This excerpt originally appeared on Salon.com. Few names conjure the recalcitrant South, fighting integration with fire-breathing fury, like that of George Wallace. The central image of this “redneck […]

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