“Empowerment has become a synonym for self-indulgent narcissism” – @HadleyFreeman

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Hadley Freeman on “choice” and “individual” feminism, faux-empowerment, capitulating to the patriarchy (for that is what it is), and consumerist feminist practices. (Really, you need read no further than the very mention of Gwyneth Paltrow. Never before have two words been so informative.) (Oh, and though I didn’t plan it so, this pieces offers an interesting contrast with this one, […]

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“Expectations affect a woman’s ability to work outside the home” @toreyvanoot

women - women's work, capitalism, unpaid labour

On refinery29, and following on from this post, here’s some more on women and work. labour. Headline: “Across the globe, women spend about 4.5 hours a day on unpaid labor, such as child care and household chores. For men, that figure drops in half.” Also: “The expectations affect a woman’s ability to work outside the home.” That’s a pretty significant difference, even […]

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“The mere act of writing about women’s issues sets off a stream of harassment and threats” – @JessicaValenti

women - online harassment, online abuse, trolling (2)

More on abuse online. Jessica Valenti on the Guardian: When the Guardian examined the 1.4 million comments that have been blocked by moderators since 1999, they found that eight of the 10 writers receiving the most blocked comments were women, and topping the list was … well, me. Sure, there’s a small part of me that’s proud – I’m No […]

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#todayin: pictures: When 90 percent of Iceland’s women went on strike in 1975 – @mayadusenbery

Originally sparked by the Haymarket Massacre of 1886, when police cracked down on peaceful protestors rallying for an eight-hour work day in Chicago, International Workers’ Day has enjoyed a bit of a revival in the last several years. In 2006, activists organized “a day without an immigrant,” and immigrants’ rights actions have been a big focus of the day ever since. A couple years ago, Occupy […]

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#todayin: who would have thunk it! Women more likely to support gender equality – @pewresearch

Findings from @pewresearch. It’s no surprise that women are more in support of gender equality (patriarchy, anyone?) but here’s what’s frustrating: gender equality ranks below religious freedom in goals (is that the word)? Why?! I’m not the only one who balks at that, right? Gender equality and women’s empowerment is one of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. And gender […]

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#todayin: who would have thunk it! Women rare in top positions of religious leadership – @pewresearch


Not rocket science. But always worth a highlight. From @pewresearch: While many large religious organizations in the United States allow women to be ordained – and to hold leadership positions within the organization – few women have actually served at the very top. We looked at nine major religious organizations in the U.S. that both ordain women and allow them […]

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#research: (Re)theorising laddish masculinities in higher education – @alisonphipps

feminism, sociology (lad culture) - keep calm and be a lad

New article by Alison Phipps on lad culture: Phipps, Alison (2016) ‘(Re)theorising laddish masculinities in higher education’, in Gender and Education DOI: 10.1080/09540253.2016.1171298 (available at http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/09540253.2016.1171298). Online here; open access here. Abstract: In the context of renewed debates and interest in this area, this paper reframes the theoretical agenda around laddish masculinities in UK higher education, and similar masculinities overseas. These can […]

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“These wellness bloggers are inevitably young, white, heterosexual, cisgender and middle-class.” – @thefworduk

feminism - beauty obsession

On “wellness” (whatever that is), lifestyl-ing (whatever that is), and “getting the glow” (whatever *that* is). Guest blogger @thefwordUK: The current tribe of “wellness bloggers” however, aren’t concerned about the environmental and ethical aspects of the diet. What they want us to do is “get the glow” and this, as far as I’m concerned, is just another form of tyranny […]

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#todayin: feminists doing feminism wrong: University feminists are betraying their movement’s liberal past

feminism - the man-hating feminist

Argues a white male, elite university philosophy on the Quillette:  Feminism wasn’t always this censorious. The university feminists of today do not reflect the motives of the classical past of their movement. The Swedish feminist — and personal heroine of mine — Margareta Momma wrote extensively in defence of tolerance during the age of Enlightenment. In her excellent essays she defends […]

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The way we never were (on “traditional family values) – @StephanieCoontz on @newrepublic 

Great read and nice summary about marriage trends, and marriage as a social institution and function. New Republic: People have been predicting the death of marriage for almost a century. In 1928, John Watson, the most famous child psychologist of that era, predicted that marriage would be dead by 1977. In 1977, sociologist Amatai Etzioni declared that if current trends continued, […]

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#todayin: you couldn’t make it up! Some white people who are concerned that ‘black privilege’ is getting out of control

*splutter* On Jezebel: Hello, I’m here to apologize for the “black privilege” that I, as a black woman, benefit from every day! Just kidding. But CNN’s John Blake spoke to some real people who really believe in this—that “black privilege” is a thing, while white privilege, of course, is not. In an in-depth piece, Blake spoke to a few white […]

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“Clinton’s numbers are lower than they would be otherwise because of gender role threat” @LSEUSAblog

“Clinton’s numbers are lower than they would be otherwise [because of] gender role threat” @LSEUSAblog: Men might not vote for Clinton bc masculinity. Oh vey… On the LSE blog (emphasis added): One of the main reasons Clinton’s numbers are lower than they would be otherwise is gender role threat, which is costing her as much as 24 points among men […]

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“None of this would have happened without feminism” – @polblonde

feminism - i need feminism because

Feminism there. Pretty frickin’ crucial and transformative, whether you like it or not. Some top points here: piece by Joan Smith on the Independent. (No, of course you shouldn’t read BTL. Rookie mistake.) In 1997, when I began writing a weekly column for The Independent on Sunday, Labour had just won a landslide election victory. I wasn’t a fan of Tony Blair, an antipathy that […]

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#research: “[Porn] is influencing men’s attitude towards women and what they think is acceptable” – via @meltankardreist

feminism - pornography magazines (c) openingceremony.us

“We need some sort of crack down on the violent pornography that is currently accessible to boys and men. This violent pornography should be illegal to make or view in Australia as we clearly have a problem with violence and boys are watching a lot of pornography which can be very violent … This is influencing men’s attitude towards women […]

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“The worst abuse of all is being so far away from our families” – young prisoner on @Rewire_News

criminology - children in prison (1)

Beaver was just 14 years old when he was charged as an adult and sentenced to 48 years. He spent several years in four facilities across the state, which housed between 280 and 300 residents. “Anything that you can imagine happening in an adult facility is also taking place in these juvenile prisons: there are fights and riots, threats of sexual […]

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#womenstories: “I’ve come of age in the porn generation. Here are some of the problems we face” – @EllieOlcott

feminism - pornography online

I was 12. I thought Kate and I were simply too naive to aspire to the heights of sexual maturity to which the boys had risen. Their wisdom seemed self-evident – they did, after all, studiously compare notes on the hottest porn star on RedTube, and congratulate one another on the previous night’s masturbation. It only occurred to me recently, […]

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