#todayin: misogyny: “Girls are ranked at school on their bodies and compared to porn stars” – @fightthenewdrug via @collectiveshout

I reblogged a piece about this report before but it’s a worth a reboot because it’s horrific. When asked, “How do you know a guy likes you?,” an 8th grade girl replied: “He still wants to talk to you after you [give him oral sex].” A male high school student said to a girl: “If you [give me oral sex] I’ll give you […]

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#todayin: the patriarchy just will not stop: New Study Reveals Scary Consequence of Catcalling

feminism - man stalking woman in city park (street harassment)

A new study with undergraduate women (n=297) has found that women who experience sexual objectification of some sort (including self-objectification) are also more likely to be victims of sexual assault. The abstract from the study is below, and the write-up is from msmagazine. My concern with these findings on first glance is that they are far too inclined to victim-blaming: […]

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#todayin: misogyny: report: that’s what she said: #ladculture in universities

feminism, sociology (lad culture) - keep calm and be a lad

Universities seldom take action in relation to sexist incidents, often suggesting that women need to take responsibility for keeping themselves safe. […] That lad culture punishes those women students who step up to lead the struggle for women’s equality is proof that it contributes to women’s continued oppression. […] There is a danger that women students will slip through the […]

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