#todayin: misogyny: “Girls are ranked at school on their bodies and compared to porn stars” – @fightthenewdrug via @collectiveshout

feminism - pornography

I reblogged a piece about this report before but it’s a worth a reboot because it’s horrific. When asked, “How do you know a guy likes you?,” an 8th grade girl replied: “He still wants to talk to you after you [give him oral sex].” A male high school student said to a girl: “If you [give me oral sex] I’ll give you […]

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The Handmaiden’s Handbook: sexual assault, pornography and victim-blaming (sometimesitsjustacigar)

feminism (rape culture) - stop blaming victims (victim-blaming)

It was with a familiar sense of dismay that I saw Grace Dent blaming pornography for sexual assault yesterday. Setting aside the fact only some children’s lives seem to matter to Dent (white middle class ones) the false correlation is one feminists like Dent seem to love. Ally Fogg expertly does the number crunching Dent was too lazy, or unwilling, […]

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#inhaste: National survey (US) finds police hostility and bias remain problems for survivors of sexual and domestic violence


On feministlawprofessors: Advocates identified police inaction, hostility, and bias against survivors as a key barrier to seeking criminal justice intervention.  Eighty-eight percent (88%) said that police sometimes or often do not believe victims or blame victims for the violence. Over 80% of respondents believed that police relations with marginalized communities influenced survivors’ willingness to call the police.  Respondents told us that […]

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#todayin: the patriarchy just will not stop: New Study Reveals Scary Consequence of Catcalling

feminism - man stalking woman in city park (street harassment)

A new study with undergraduate women (n=297) has found that women who experience sexual objectification of some sort (including self-objectification) are also more likely to be victims of sexual assault. The abstract from the study is below, and the write-up is from msmagazine. My concern with these findings on first glance is that they are far too inclined to victim-blaming: […]

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Lads’ mags, sexual violence and the need for feminist intervention

feminism - sexual objectification

On lads’ mags, consent, post-feminist “empowerment” (“post-feminist” should really be in scare quotes too), and the mainstreaming of sexual violence against women and girls. Susan Hopkins (Lecturer in Communication at University of Southern Queensland) and Jenny Ostini (Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Digital Futures and Personalised Learning) at University of Southern Queensland) write on the conversation:   Mainstream men’s magazine Zoo has generated […]

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New study finds girls view sexual violence as normal

A new study titled ‘Normalising Sexual Violence: Young Women Account for Harrassment and Abuse’, published in Gender & Society, has found that girls and young women will rarely report incidents of sexual violence because they view them as ‘normal.’ The study analysed interviews conducted by the Children’s Advocacy Center with 100 young women between the ages of three and seventeen, […]

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Universities are reluctant to tackle sexual violence for fear of PR fallout

feminism - rape culture (being drunk is not consent)

Very briefly: can’t help but feel the irony of this report after the piece I posted yesterday here: Today in misogyny: sp!ked compiles a free speech university rankings table. Self-explanatory, I hope. One reason for [reluctance] is that developing policies and interventions on sexual violence is both time and resource intensive. Another reason, however, is that sexual violence at universities […]

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“There are obvious steps we as a society can take to better support all victims of sexual violence…”

feminism - stop violence against women.jpg

There are obvious steps we as a society can take to better support all victims of sexual violence: We have to stop blaming and shaming survivors, and to start holding perpetrators accountable. But we also need to do much more to support women in disadvantaged communities. These are the same women who have the least flexibility at work, the least […]

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You were doing so well! The sexism that lurks in dark recesses of Aussie sport (“Night Games”)

feminism (rape culture) - you know you want it (blurred lines)

You were doing so well! The book discussed below (by Anna Krien) is called “Night Games” and is based around a case involving two star football players accused of rape and explores an environment that enables “a jock culture that shows a staggering contempt for women.” So far so good. And then this (from the Independent): The book also explores […]

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Sexual abuse in prisons

Prisons are a feminist issue

From the Howard League, on email. Several links to reports and briefing papers are below. There could be hundreds. There could be thousands. No one can say with certainty how many prisoners in England and Wales are sexually abused each year, but we have seen research which suggests the rate is broadly similar to that recorded in prisons in the […]

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“Those three problems — women being threatened, women being pressured to change…

feminism - VAW - (c) Andriy Bashtovyy

Those three problems — women being threatened, women being pressured to change their own behavior to avoid sexual assault, and women being told that they don’t deserve protection unless they stay pure and ladylike — are all individually terrible. But together, they add up to something even worse: a vicious cycle that pressures women out of public life. When we […]

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