#todayin: who would have thunk it! Women more likely to support gender equality – @pewresearch

Findings from @pewresearch. It’s no surprise that women are more in support of gender equality (patriarchy, anyone?) but here’s what’s frustrating: gender equality ranks below religious freedom in goals (is that the word)? Why?! I’m not the only one who balks at that, right? Gender equality and women’s empowerment is one of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. And gender […]

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#research: “[Porn] is influencing men’s attitude towards women and what they think is acceptable” – via @meltankardreist

feminism - pornography magazines (c) openingceremony.us

“We need some sort of crack down on the violent pornography that is currently accessible to boys and men. This violent pornography should be illegal to make or view in Australia as we clearly have a problem with violence and boys are watching a lot of pornography which can be very violent … This is influencing men’s attitude towards women […]

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#womenstories: “I’ve come of age in the porn generation. Here are some of the problems we face” – @EllieOlcott

feminism - pornography online

I was 12. I thought Kate and I were simply too naive to aspire to the heights of sexual maturity to which the boys had risen. Their wisdom seemed self-evident – they did, after all, studiously compare notes on the hottest porn star on RedTube, and congratulate one another on the previous night’s masturbation. It only occurred to me recently, […]

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Poll: “Motherhood penalty and daddy bonus still strong feature of workplaces” – @Samsmethers for @fawcettsociety

sociology - gender and parenting

A report from the Fawcett Society, based on a poll of 8000 respondents nationwide, reveals that women who have children are seen as less committed to their jobs while men, on the other hand, are seen as more committed (go figure!). The poll also indicated that men see most (nine out of 10) care-giving tasks as the responsibility of the “other parent”, probably the […]

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“Women involved in porn have spoken publicly about violence and coercion” – @feministcurrent

pornography - adult sign

“Women involved in all aspects of the porn industry, from the so-called “soft porn” of Playboy and the “free choice” of amateur, to the harder forms of gonzo, have spoken publicly about violence and coercion.” – Meghan Tyler, feministcurrent. “Revenge” porn is about consent, coercion and violence, along with humiliation and degradation, all of which are “hallmarks of the pornography industry itself”. […]

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#research: Women and minorities penalized for promoting workplace diversity

#research: Women and minorities penalized for promoting workplace diversity. From the guardian (emphasis added): Women or minorities who promote diversity in the workplace are penalized by their peers but white men who do so are not, a new study says. The authors of the study, University of Colorado professors Stefanie K Johnson and David R Hekman, surveyed 350 executives about […]

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#research: Women more religiously devout than men, new study finds

#research: Women more religiously devout than men, new study finds… … despite still being excluded from positions of power, influence and leadership in most (all?) religions/ faiths. On the Guardian (emphasis added): Women are more religiously devout than men even though they are excluded from positions of leadership in many faiths and denominations,a new study has found. According to the respected […]

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Young people’s choosing of “favourite” celebrity is form of identity work of affirmation and cultural belonging – @CelebYouthUK

young people (wordle) (1)

Fascinating findings from the celebyouth on who young people consider their role models. Part of the research is challenging the assumption that young people are influenced by the “cult of celebrity”, and particularly more glamorous, short-lived, and superficial celebrity.  At first glance, the data suggest that young people do admire ‘pop culture’ celebrities. However, “[o]ne very noticeable feature of the responses is the […]

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#inhaste: Online harassment of women at risk of becoming ‘established norm’, study finds


From theguardian: ‘Harassment of women online is at risk of becoming “an established norm in our digital society”, with women under 30 particularly vulnerable, according to the creators of a new Australian study. Nearly half the 1,000 respondents in the research by the digital security firm Norton had experienced some form of abuse or harassment online. Among women under 30, the […]

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research: “Trump embodies the classic authoritarian leadership style: simple, powerful, and punitive”  – @amandataub

politics - trump, authoritarianism, US politics

Here’s a very detailed essay on Vox which explores why and how authoritarianism is popular in the US and how it’s benefiting the likes of Trump in the run-up to the US election. The main message is that we should not think that this is some sort of temporary trend or anomaly or that it’s not to be taken seriously. There’s far-reaching support […]

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research: Parenting in Ghana: ‘this almost certainly reinforces the notion that men are “better”’

sociology - parenting

Parents use a number of methods to try and raise their children well – rewards, punishments and consciously modelled behaviours or instructions. These approaches are steeped in a country’s traditions. But such practices are not without problems. In most societies, boys and girls are raised very differently. And in Ghana, this almost certainly reinforces the notion that men are “better”. […]

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research: “I did it because I never stopped loving you” – impact of stalking in ‘romantic’ films (by @chloeangyal)

feminism - man stalking woman in city park (street harassment)

I could swear I posted something about this already but it’s new so maybe not. Perhaps it’s just that it’s commonsensical. Main finding: participants who watched films in which stalking (sorry, “persistent pursuit”) by men of women is portrayed as romantic are more likely to subscribe to myths about stalking (i.e. perspectives on stalking that discredit victims and vindicate perpetrators). In other […]

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“Need to push back against idea that femininity somehow at odds with serious science” – @uajamie, @skepchicks

women, science, STEM

Jamie Bernstein on skepchick cautions against condescending to women, and vilifying femininity, in the push to encourage more women into STEM areas. Good points, and well made. Over at Quartz, Shannon Palus wrote a great piece about how condescending so many campaigns to get women into STEM are, whereby companies market to women using female stereotypes under the assumption that it […]

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#academia: when teamwork doesn’t work for women

women - women and men (Esther Lui)

On collaborative publishing (between women and men) and gendered (nay, sexist) credit in academia. The piece refers to publishing in economics but the findings could potentially be extrapolated, particularly to traditionally “male” disciplines. From the NYtimes: Economics remains a stubbornly male-dominated profession, a fact that members of the profession have struggled to understand. After all, if the marketplace of ideas […]

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research: active consumption of pornography and women’s bodily dissatisfaction (from @feministcurrent)

feminism - pornography vintage (found on nytimes.com, (c) Jonathan Leder)

(For a body “ideal” that does not actually exist, I add.) From feministcurrent: The latest reports from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeries indicate that the number of labiaplasty surgeries performed between 2011 and 2012 increased 64 per cent, and went up again 44 per cent between 2013 and 2014 (ASAPS, 2015). While it might be tempting to dismiss […]

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research: student evaluations are better and predicting gender bias and grade expectations (from @insidehighered)

education - higher education

The latter we’ve all known for a long time. The former is repeatedly confirmed in research. Certainly something to remember for the new “TEF”. From insidehighered: There’s mounting evidence suggesting that student evaluations of teaching are unreliable. But are these evaluations, commonly referred to as SET, so bad that they’re actually better at gauging students’ gender bias and grade expectations […]

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Exposure to nature may reduce crime, strengthen communities (on @newrepublic)

Exposure to nature may reduce crime, strengthen communities (on @newrepublic): As urbanization, population growth and the rampant destruction of the natural world increase, human beings have become more and more isolated from nature—and at a significant cost. Spending time in nature is good for both the body and the mind, leading to health benefits including reduced depressive symptoms and lower […]

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