#todayin: erasure of women: the rebel virgins and desert mothers who have been written out of Christianity’s early history

women - women, religion, erasure

Now, here’s some good Sunday reading if ever there was any. Now, whether you buy any of Christianity or not is irrelevant here – think instead of the perspectives of those who do. I. FROM SILK ROBES TO HAIRSHIRTS When Jerome, the Catholic priest and scholar, arrived in Rome in the middle of the fourth century, he discovered a circle of noblewomen living in […]

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Islamophobia is gender violence and a feminist issue (from @FemReligion)

women - muslim women (judge me by what's in my head)

This is an excellent and important essay exploring the particularly gendered violence of Islamophobia (that is, that anti-muslim violence is disproportionately directed at women) and how Islamophobia is a feminist issue. The case of Larycia Hawkins, an African-American Christian, Associate Professor of political science at Wheaton College in the United States, who published a photo on Christmas day on Facebook wearing a headscarf in […]

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#inhaste: the year we all talked about the Catholic Church (on @newrepublic)

#inhaste (transp)

From newrepublic: In 2015, however, we saw the two genres intersect often in the pages of the country’s most-read publications, much thanks to the larger-than-life presence of Pope Francis. The result was an unusually public debate about the internal workings of the Catholic Church, its ethics and practices, and most crucially its future. But did all that argument—much of it fraught with […]

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Politicking periods (by @Harriet_Burgess/ @5050oD)

feminism - (prochoice) never again

Brilliant, excellent, wonderful, fantastic (seriously!) post by @Harriet_Burgess on opendemocracy about abortion in Ireland and specifically about women in Ireland tweeting Taoiseach Enda Kenny about their periods. The logic behind the move was rational – Kenny is all about telling the women of Ireland what they can and cannot do with their wombs so it makes sense that he would be as concerned with their […]

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#saturdaysatire: Heartwarming Moment 78-Year-Old Celibate Man Forgives Women He’s Never Met

#saturdaysatire (transp)

God bless him (pun totally intended and make no mistake). THIS 78-Year-Old man totally won the internet yesterday with this amazing gesture. Get the tissues ready, it’s a tearjerker. This celibate man named Pope Francis, somehow found the empathy to declare that he wouldn’t want to condemn women he’s never met to a hellish inferno for all eternity even though […]

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‘Sextarianism’ is drawing new battle lines in Northern Ireland


The attitudes of individual politicians and political parties, and, more importantly, the policy responses to issues of sexual citizenship and sexual commerce have taken on a deeply conservative and fervently activist bent. Northern Ireland has become a hotbed for what we might term “sextarianism” – a politicised dislike of those whose sexual identities, beliefs and practices are non-heteronormative, “deviant”, or […]

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Islamic Feminism, Body Autonomy and Spiritual Liberation

Women’s bodies are the preferred territory in which religious oppression becomes cruelly evident. Misogynist narratives in religions are always addressed to them: decency, honor, virtue, holiness, discretion, and shame are embodied in us, We pay for the absence of these patriarchal principles of control, on our bodies too: imprisonment, slut-shamming, bullying, rape, punishment, mutilation, and death. Feminism makes sense in […]

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Imperialist feminism, liberalism and women of colour

feminism - Saudi Arabian woman veil

I’ve posted several pieces about this lately (e.g. “Or You Could Ask Us”: On Talking Over Muslim Women, Muslim feminists reclaim the hijab to fight the patriarchy, and Why Being a Muslim Woman Makes Me a Better Feminist). As westerners, we colonise, geographically, materially, physically, and intellectually. In terms of women, that is never more apparent than when we (as […]

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