#QOTD: “They’re the Ones Who Are Supposed to Help Us”

After she was raped by a Los Angeles cop, Lindsay F. made a rare choice: to report him. So began a five year ordeal that consumed most of her 20s, powerfully documented by Katie Baker for Buzzfeed this week. Following her report, Lindsay endured invasive questioning about her HPV status, dozens of subpoenas for her employment, medical, educational, and insurance records, and depositions of […]

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The War On Women: We Are Literally Dying From It

feminism - breath of violence (art piece)

When we discuss the War on Women, we’re generally talking about reproductive rights, victim blaming, slut shaming, and strange Swamp Creatures named Donald Trump who dismiss a woman’s personhood by asserting that she’s on her period. And yes, women face these and other attacks on their agency, worth, and sense of self on a daily basis. In fact, we generally […]

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“There’s this myth that lingers in American society that rape is just a matter of men getting a…”

There’s this myth that lingers in American society that rape is just a matter of men getting a little too excited about sex and forgetting to get consent first. Many people still talk about rape like it’s a thing men do by accident, perhaps because they were confused. Or they blame “hook-up culture” for rape, suggesting that the overabundance of […]

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#bookreview : “Asking for It”


Eighteen-year-old Emma O’Donovan is beautiful, confident and seems to have the world — and all the boys — at her feet. One summer night in her small Irish hometown she heads off to a house party where she plans to drink and have fun with her friends, and hopefully catch the attention of one of the local football heroes. The […]

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book excerpt: A Nobody Going Against a Somebody (TW)

This looks like a very powerful text. Again and Again describes the repeated victimisation and misogynistic campus politics experienced by one woman when she reported her rape at a frat party. In the novel Again and Again, author Ellen Bravo tells the story of Deborah Borenstein, a legislator who 30 years earlier saw her friend and roommate, Liddie Golmboch, raped at […]

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#thisdoesntmeanyes: how a new campaign is tackling the myth of consent, once and for all


As press releases go, the one for #thisdoesntmeanyes starts strong. “There’s a myth that surrounds women, a myth that embroils them: women who dress or behave suggestively, women who are playful or act provocatively, women who flirt or openly discuss sex – they’re asking for it.” Anti-rape campaigners have been chanting “yes means yes” (and “no means no”) for decades, […]

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“Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of social science research around the effect of news accounts of false rape…”

“Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of social science research around the effect of news accounts of false rape allegations. Perhaps the closest thing we’ve got is a study, published in the journal Violence Against Women, that examined media coverage of the 2002 sexual assault allegations against basketball star Kobe Bryant. The study found that after reading a news story that […]

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What we know about false rape allegations

patriarchy - false rape accusations (1)

Headline: false rape accusations are significantly lower than the anything from 1.5% to 90% that a flawed 1981 study would have you think. In 1981, a British forensic medical examiner — then called a “police surgeon” — wrote an article for his association’s medical journal reviewing 18 examinations he’d done on women who’d claimed to be victims of rape. His conclusion: […]

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