#research: U of T: racial bias may begin in babies at six months


In the first study, published in Developmental Science, Lee  showed that six- to nine-month-old babies begin to associate faces from their own race with happy music and those from other races with sad music.   In the second study, published in Child Development, the researchers found that babies as young as six months were more inclined to learn information from […]

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#guestpost: different nudes

We all have different nudes A few years ago my sister and I wrote a piece titled What colour is nude? for the British feminist website The F Word, The piece discussed the use of the word nude in order to describe a beige colour that is quite common in clothing articles, shoes and nail polish. By naming a colour nude […]

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#anonymouswasawoman: #HERstory: Who writes our history? @bitchmedia

Who writes our history? @bitchmedia History isn’t static—it’s the stories we tell ourselves about the past. And that story changes depending on who’s doing the telling. On this episode, we explore what it means to tell your own history in three different ways. Iranian-American comedian Negin Farsad talks with us being a super patriotic teen and her new book, How […]

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#report: yes, the gender wage gap is real (see in particular: women of colour) – @rewire_news

(Evidence people. There is Actual Evidence. See in particular: women of colour.) ••• A major research report out Thursday from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) aims to inform the national discussion about workplace policies with a new analysis showing the gender wage gap is real. “We’re basically saying we’ve measured it a lot of different ways, and it exists, and […]

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#vivelafeminism: “No matter what machines do to you:” Navigating anti-blackness in academic institutions – @thefeministwire


Image: Gloria Richardson pushing away a national guard bayonet in Cambridge Maryland in 1963. From: EMERGING FEMINISMS, “No Matter What Machines Do To You:” Navigating Anti-Blackness in Academic Institutions (thefeministwire) : It came as no surprise to me when, like robots, we were expected to show up to work the day Mike Brown was murdered, and like a robot I […]

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#vivelafeminism: I assumed it was racism. It was patriarchy. @AlterNet

@alternet: I assumed it was racism. It was patriarchy. (Emphasis added, as always.) It’s almost cliché to say now, but fighting patriarchy without stating that you’re fighting patriarchy—or even knowing that you are—is quite common among people who are its biggest victims. The Vietnamese nail salon workers who fight toxic chemicals at work; the Latinas hunger striking in immigrant detention; […]

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#research: Women and minorities penalized for promoting workplace diversity

Women or minorities who promote diversity in the workplace are penalized by their peers but white men who do so are not, a new study says. The authors of the study, University of Colorado professors Stefanie K Johnson and David R Hekman, surveyed 350 executives about diversity-valuing behaviors. Questions explored “whether they respected cultural, religious, gender and racial differences, valued […]

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#todayin: labor history: June 14, 1924


todayinlaborhistory: Today in labor history, June 14, 1924: The Ku Klux Klan attacks members of the Industrial Workers of the World at the IWW’s meeting hall in San Pedro, California, during a benefit for the families of two workers killed in a railroad accident. The KKK beat many of the 300 members; kidnapped, tarred, and feathered others; destroyed everything inside […]

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#womenslives: Ruby Bridges


Ruby Bridges. Happy 60th birthday to Ruby Bridges! As a six-year-old, Ruby Bridges famously became the first African American child to desegregate an all-whiteelementary school in the South. When the 1st grader walked to William Frantz Elementary School in New Orleans on November 14, 1960 surrounded by a team of U.S. Marshals, she was met by a vicious mob shouting […]

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#study: racist and sexist micro-aggressions on college campuses

This is the first study I have read which examines on such a large scale (n=200) experiences of sexism and racism by women and people of colour (POC) on college campuses. Importantly, the study explored sexist and racist micro-aggressions (a term initially coined to describe subtle and possibly unintended forms of racism) as well as more explicit mistreatments. A Muslim […]

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