Punish Women for Abortion? Spare the Outrage: That IS the ‘Mainstream’ Anti-Choice Position – @rewire_news

True words. @rewire_news: In 2014, Jennifer Whalen, a nursing home aide, was sentenced to between 12 and 18 months in jail. Her crime? Trying to obtain medication abortion pills for her teenage daughter, who was facing an unwanted pregnancy. Whalen, who was charged with “performing an illegal abortion,” bought the pills online because the nearest clinic from her home was […]

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Abortion opponents have new tactic—and it could actually kill women – @ZoeSCarpenter

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From thenation: One of the antichoice movement’s favorite things to talk about is protecting women. It’s their justification for laws requiring clinics that provide abortions only by pill to outfit themselves for surgery, and for laws that force women to listen to a narration of their own ultrasounds. It’s why, they say, abortion should be banned after 20 weeks, and […]

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