“The debate over abortion doesn’t have anything to do with fetuses at all” – @uajamie, @skepchicks

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Don’t be fooled, folks. This is nothing to do with the little babies and everything to do with control (and punishing) women. Jamie Bernstein on skepchick: I’ve been thinking about the fight for women’s healthcare a lot lately, mainly due to the influx of messages we’ve been getting to Skepchick in the past month virtually throwing a temper tantrum about Rebecca’s video “Planned […]

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“To continually assert that Hillary Clinton is representative of “the establishment,” into the…”

“To continually assert that [Hillary Clinton] is representative of “the establishment,” into the highest echelons of which women aren’t even allowed, is a neat way of obfuscating the fact that she is, in her very personhood, a challenge to the establishment. Let me say that again, plainly: Sanders calls Clinton emblematic of an establishment that has never even allowed a […]

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#inhaste: Donald Trump is giving America permission to hate women

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From huffpo: In the wake of Donald Trump’s announcement that he would not participate in the Jan. 28 GOP debate because Megyn Kelly is moderating, Kelly has been subjected to a barrage of misogynistic abuse online. It’s disgusting and depressing, but not at all surprising, for two reasons: Because many people (read: trolls) feel empowered to talk to women online in a degrading, […]

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“Trump signals a deep-seated fear of women, especially those who hold any sort of power” – @addiestan

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From Adele M. Stan on prospect.org: Well, whattaya know? Big, bad Donald Trump is afraid of a girl—well, a woman, to be more precise. A woman named Megyn Kelly. On Tuesday, Trump announced he was pretty certain that he would skip the final Republican presidential debate if Kelly, the Fox News Channel host, wasn’t booted from her role as moderator, a decision […]

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#todayin: dear gods! How the other 1% lives: wealth gap not the only way in which global elite is taking advantage

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Oxfam’s latest report, focused on an increasingly obscene wealth inequality and the stranglehold exerted by a global elite, had one central message: The era of tax havens that have made this possible must be brought to an end. The report – An Economy for the 1% – was timed as a call to action for influential delegates to the annual meeting […]

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Hillary’s big problem: motivating younger women voters: “Shattering “that highest, hardest glass ceiling” doesn’t seem revolutionary to some younger women” – @JillAbramson

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Hillary is just not revolutionary enough for younger women voters. By  Jill Abramson on alternet: The other day in Manhattan, Hillary Clinton supporters met for lunch at the home of the media executive Geraldine Laybourne. A group of 50, mostly women, was determined to generate excitement for Clinton’s campaign for president. They were frustrated to see her lagging again among younger voters, and […]

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Second-class republicans? Sinn Féin, feminism and the women’s hunger strike

Image: Mairéad Farrell, on “dirty protest” at Armagh jail in 1980. Armagh women’s prison protests promoted feminism within the republican movement and challenged sexist attitudes, but women’s issues were not a priority for Sinn Fein. From the Irish Times: Second-class republicans? Sinn Féin, feminism and the women’s hunger strike Hunger striking as a feminist issue Nell McCafferty, the Irish feminist […]

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#womensstories: What a year of leading Britain’s first feminist political party has taught me – @sophierunning

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“[H]ow it feels to be totally, blissfully liberated from Britain’s male, white, traditional political agenda and to feel the power of feminism as a political force again.” – Sophie Walker (@WEP_uk) Sophie Walker in the telegraph today. At the start of 2015 I made a different New Year’s resolution: not to set myself any huge and impossible goals, but instead […]

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Dear New York Times: the real reason young feminists reject Hillary (from @feministing)

Dear New York Times: the real reason young feminists reject Hillary (from @feministing): On Sunday, the world got its latest in a tired stream of “feminist generation war” think pieces, courtesy of The New York Times. The subject: Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid. In it, authors Amy Chozick and Yamiche Alcindor explore what they term the “generational divide” on the subject […]

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#inhaste: the year we all talked about the Catholic Church (on @newrepublic)

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From newrepublic: In 2015, however, we saw the two genres intersect often in the pages of the country’s most-read publications, much thanks to the larger-than-life presence of Pope Francis. The result was an unusually public debate about the internal workings of the Catholic Church, its ethics and practices, and most crucially its future. But did all that argument—much of it fraught with […]

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Politicking periods (by @Harriet_Burgess/ @5050oD)

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Brilliant, excellent, wonderful, fantastic (seriously!) post by @Harriet_Burgess on opendemocracy about abortion in Ireland and specifically about women in Ireland tweeting Taoiseach Enda Kenny about their periods. The logic behind the move was rational – Kenny is all about telling the women of Ireland what they can and cannot do with their wombs so it makes sense that he would be as concerned with their […]

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#HERstory: Irish suffragettes at war

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Piece on the Irish Times: In the autumn of 1915 the workrooms and shop on Dublin’s Eden Quay where Rosie Hackett and her workmates had sewn and sold shirts and badges for over a year was reorganised. Their union official, Delia Larkin, founding secretary of the Irish Women Workers’ Union and manager of the Irish Women Workers’ Co-operative Society had […]

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Five Reasons I Won’t Be Joining the Women’s Equality Party

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When Sandi Toksvig and co. announced they were starting the Women’s Equality Party, I didn’t have especially high hopes: the three white, middle-class women at its helm rang some bells about who might be excluded and, besides, I’ve never been convinced that radical feminist action is best achieved inside the fundamentally oppressive framework of party politics. But I – perhaps […]

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