“Empowerment has become a synonym for self-indulgent narcissism” – @HadleyFreeman

feminism - choice, liberal, feminism

Hadley Freeman on “choice” and “individual” feminism, faux-empowerment, capitulating to the patriarchy (for that is what it is), and consumerist feminist practices. (Really, you need read no further than the very mention of Gwyneth Paltrow. Never before have two words been so informative.) (Oh, and though I didn’t plan it so, this pieces offers an interesting contrast with this one, […]

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#todayin: misogyny: “Girls are ranked at school on their bodies and compared to porn stars” – @fightthenewdrug via @collectiveshout

feminism - pornography

I reblogged a piece about this report before but it’s a worth a reboot because it’s horrific. When asked, “How do you know a guy likes you?,” an 8th grade girl replied: “He still wants to talk to you after you [give him oral sex].” A male high school student said to a girl: “If you [give me oral sex] I’ll give you […]

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“The mere act of writing about women’s issues sets off a stream of harassment and threats” – @JessicaValenti

women - online harassment, online abuse, trolling (2)

More on abuse online. Jessica Valenti on the Guardian: When the Guardian examined the 1.4 million comments that have been blocked by moderators since 1999, they found that eight of the 10 writers receiving the most blocked comments were women, and topping the list was … well, me. Sure, there’s a small part of me that’s proud – I’m No […]

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#todayin: who would have thunk it! Women more likely to support gender equality – @pewresearch

Findings from @pewresearch. It’s no surprise that women are more in support of gender equality (patriarchy, anyone?) but here’s what’s frustrating: gender equality ranks below religious freedom in goals (is that the word)? Why?! I’m not the only one who balks at that, right? Gender equality and women’s empowerment is one of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. And gender […]

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#research: (Re)theorising laddish masculinities in higher education – @alisonphipps

feminism, sociology (lad culture) - keep calm and be a lad

New article by Alison Phipps on lad culture: Phipps, Alison (2016) ‘(Re)theorising laddish masculinities in higher education’, in Gender and Education DOI: 10.1080/09540253.2016.1171298 (available at http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/09540253.2016.1171298). Online here; open access here. Abstract: In the context of renewed debates and interest in this area, this paper reframes the theoretical agenda around laddish masculinities in UK higher education, and similar masculinities overseas. These can […]

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#todayin: pictures: ‘I’ve Named Her Scholastica’: Tanzania’s teen mothers – @hackneydoula, @jaydabliu for @broadly

#womensstories, #womenslives

Intro: In Tanzania, girls are traditionally married off before they are 18. In childbirth, they routinely lack access to lifesaving cesareans and medical treatment. Despite this, young women are daring to dream for more. – @hackneydoula and @jaydabli for @broadly: “I named her Scholastica” (emphasis added): Eva Paulo wanted to be a tailor when she grew up. When I meet her, she […]

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#todayin: *smh* Don’t forget the men on International Women’s Day

men - poor menz, what about the men

This is a takedown, of course, on York Feminist Network. It’s about a piece on a local radio station on IWD which claimed that we “hardly ever celebrate men”. Honest to heaven, what planet are they on? Certainly not this one which celebrates men, by default, every single flipping day. My response to the “When is International Men’s Day” question that is prevalent at […]

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“One of most important things for movement is to get out of mindset that we’re in post-feminist era” – Jennifer Lawrence via @emilyrpeck

feminism - i'll be post-feminist in the post-patriarchy

“One of the most important things for this movement is to get out of this mindset that we’re in a post-feminist era,” said the actor. “I don’t know who came up with that term, but it’s the most damaging term that we have because it’s just not true.” Lawrence, who’s up for a Best Actress Oscar on Sunday for her […]

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“My first basic thought was, what would we expect misogyny to be, understood as the most hostile and…”

My first basic thought was, what would we expect misogyny to be, understood as the most hostile and toxic manifestation of patriarchal ideology? Not a uniform hatred of women, surely. Patriarchal social structures, in conjunction with the ideology that governs them, work to make women into men’s deferential, attentive social subordinates, and to mask many of the forms of dominance […]

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“Trump signals a deep-seated fear of women, especially those who hold any sort of power” – @addiestan

feminism - hate, misogyny (VAW)

From Adele M. Stan on prospect.org: Well, whattaya know? Big, bad Donald Trump is afraid of a girl—well, a woman, to be more precise. A woman named Megyn Kelly. On Tuesday, Trump announced he was pretty certain that he would skip the final Republican presidential debate if Kelly, the Fox News Channel host, wasn’t booted from her role as moderator, a decision […]

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#todayin: seriously! white men don’t need defending, written by white man (from @jembloomfield)

men - poor menz, what about the men

The idea that we’re being “derided” comes from a reading of the British Social Attitudes Survey, in which it seems this demographic were the most expected to be “lazy”, “drunken” and “promiscuous”. Cosslett usefully demonstrates that many people are vulnerable to stereotyping, by suggesting jokily that the survey was taken mainly by “the nation’s Hyacinth Buckets outside Marks and Spencers”, […]

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The Handmaiden’s Handbook: sexual assault, pornography and victim-blaming (sometimesitsjustacigar)

feminism (rape culture) - stop blaming victims (victim-blaming)

It was with a familiar sense of dismay that I saw Grace Dent blaming pornography for sexual assault yesterday. Setting aside the fact only some children’s lives seem to matter to Dent (white middle class ones) the false correlation is one feminists like Dent seem to love. Ally Fogg expertly does the number crunching Dent was too lazy, or unwilling, […]

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Yes, there is one great contribution men can make to feminism: pick up a mop

women - women's work, capitalism, unpaid labour

Our association of domestic labour with women is so ingrained that it’s hard to see it’s a social construction rather than an immutable natural phenomenon. In her new film Joy, Jennifer Lawrence’s character has her big idea – a self-squeezing mop – while cleaning up someone else’s glass of spilled red wine. The responsibility doesn’t fall on her ex-husband, who […]

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research: active consumption of pornography and women’s bodily dissatisfaction (from @feministcurrent)

feminism - pornography vintage (found on nytimes.com, (c) Jonathan Leder)

(For a body “ideal” that does not actually exist, I add.) From feministcurrent: The latest reports from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeries indicate that the number of labiaplasty surgeries performed between 2011 and 2012 increased 64 per cent, and went up again 44 per cent between 2013 and 2014 (ASAPS, 2015). While it might be tempting to dismiss […]

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