#maleficentmisogyny: slut shaming and the friend zone: two sides of the objectification coin – @FeminismInIndia


#maleficentmisogyny: slut shaming and the friend zone: two sides of the objectification coin – @FeminismInIndia Side 1: Slut Shaming  Slut shaming only needs the smallest of excuses to manifest itself. “When I was about 14, I shifted to a new school, and being small in figure, my kurta was tight-fitting as well. A girl came up to me and told me to […]

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#womenslives: Online harassment, young women (and the academy)


Online harassment, young women (and the academy) – @socimagination The Pew study found the distribution of these experiences to be structured by gender and age. Young adults (18-29) as a whole are more likely to experience either category of harassment but young women (18-24) are overwhelmingly the targets of the more extreme behaviours. But the gendering of these experiences, shouldn’t […]

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#feminismisdead: Trump’s top woman advisor – Kellyanne Conway – and her tireless anti-woman advocacy – @seemstween @broadly

Conway has always gleefully inhabited this position. Katie Baker, a Republican strategist who worked on Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, once said of Conway, “She has created a niche where candidates can check a box and say, well, they’ve got a woman advising them.” Indeed, before Conway became Trump’s righthand woman, she made a business out of helping Republican candidates—like Mike […]

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#feminismisdead: Trump’s moniker, “Crooked Hillary”, was a masterstroke

Trump’s moniker, “Crooked Hillary”, was a masterstroke. Snappy yet vague (and thus irrefutable), it gained instant traction. But it was hardly original. In portraying his opponent as untrustworthy, corrupt, and unfit for public office, Trump was reworking a theme common in the anti-feminist rhetoric of the post-war period. Writer Philip Wylie’s 1942 best-selling polemic, Generation of Vipers, excoriated American women […]

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#guestpost: #research: why *are* feminists so unattractive?

This is a #guestpost by Elin Weiss. Elin has a Master’s degree in Women’s Studies. Her interests include feminism, gender stereotypes, the sexualization of women and the portrayal of women and men in media. More of her work can be found at the fwsablog, thefword, and metapshychology. *** Why feminists are so unattractive The critical, and more often than not, demeaning […]

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#todayin: fighting back: Epic battle between feminism and deep-seated misogyny in South Korea

#todayin: fighting back: Epic battle between feminism and deep-seated misogyny in South Korea Megalia’s online activism was a bold step in a country where women continue to face discrimination at home, in the workplace, and on the streets. Yet as more women push against deep-set conservative attitudes in Korea, the backlash has been vicious. Young Korean men, who no longer […]

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#research: ambivalent, hostile and benevolent sexism – @jessesingal/ @NYMag

(Lots of interesting research and theorising here about the gender order, ambivalent, hostile and benevolent* sexism, and misogyny. I suggest you read it all – it’s not long. *The most insidious of the three, perhaps, in terms of maintaining the gender order and women’s oppression.) Excerpts from nymag (captions, emphasis added): Recent election polling shows that women prefer Hillary Clinton […]

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#vivelafeminism: #feministslives: talking, writing and fighting like girls: speaking out as feminists – @ConversationUK

(Long piece. Excerpts below.) ••• The phrase “the personal is political” has been entwined with the feminist movement since the 1970s. The idea that every individual woman’s experience speaks to broader social and political structures that affect women has encouraged feminist writers to disclose something of themselves as they have agitated for gender equality. […] The renewed visibility of feminists […]

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#womenslives: women are spat on, chased and hit by cars – catcalling is NOT a ‘compliment’


In June, Pagan-Lilley Motlagh-Phillips was run over.By two men on a moped. Why? She ignored their catcalling. The 19-year-old says she was mown down on a London pavement after ignoring the driver’s unwanted advances: “You alright darling?” This is where the argument that catcalling is ‘a compliment’ and that women should ‘just ignore it’ is proved utterly redundant. This is […]

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#guestpost: research: sexism as entertainment. More on TV’s MANswers.


This is a guestpost by Hennie and Elin Weiss on their follow-up research on the TV show MANanswers. Their first piece of research is guestposted here. ••• In a previous piece for feimineach we wrote about an American television show called MANswers and its disturbing sexist portrayals of women. MANswers Facebook site describes the show as: “…a satire aimed at predominately male […]

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