“The debate over abortion doesn’t have anything to do with fetuses at all” – @uajamie, @skepchicks

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Don’t be fooled, folks. This is nothing to do with the little babies and everything to do with control (and punishing) women. Jamie Bernstein on skepchick: I’ve been thinking about the fight for women’s healthcare a lot lately, mainly due to the influx of messages we’ve been getting to Skepchick in the past month virtually throwing a temper tantrum about Rebecca’s video “Planned […]

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Reproductive rights in 2016 (US): “States enacted 288 new abortion restrictions from 2011 to 2015” – @byninamartin

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By: Nina Martin on lipstickandpolitics,* here’s what to watch out for in reproductive rights in 2016: During 2015, many major events occurred that challenged women’s reproductive rights. But these challenges are not behind us and many struggles still await supporters of Planned Parenthood. Here’s a reflection of the past year for reproductive rights and what to watch and pay attention to for […]

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“This means that the Assembly has no right to pass laws that ban abortion in the case of rape and fatal foetal abnormality” (NI) (@scopeNI)

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Nick Garbutt (scopeNI) on the abortion ruling in Northern Ireland that found that banning abortions in cases of fatal feotal abnormality, and in cases of rape, is against the Human Rights Convention. In a landmark ruling that surprised many observers, Judge Mark Horner found that banning abortions of foetuses with fatal abnormalities, or that were conceived as a result of sexual crime, is incompatible with […]

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poll: support for abortion highest in two years – US (from @RHrealitycheck)

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Overall, support for abortion access is increasing though that’s not, of course, across all demographics. Public support for legal abortion in the United States is at a two-year high, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll that showed increased support over the past year among both Democrats and Republicans. The poll was conducted after Robert Lewis Dear Jr. allegedly killed three people at a […]

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#womensstories: The women forced to perform DIY medical abortions in Ireland (by @normcos)

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Michelle had her abortion alone in a small apartment in Limerick, Ireland. The 25-year-old postgraduate student waited until her flatmate had left for the weekend before swallowing the pills she’d gone to Belfast to collect earlier that week. “I didn’t know her that well,” she says. “I didn’t know really anyone in the city. I’d just started my Masters and […]

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#womensstories: Enforcing Northern Ireland’s new Swedish-style sex purchase law (via @RuthJacobs/ @roomofourown)

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Cross-posted from: Ruth Jacobs, originally published: 19.11.14. A rainy night in Belfast. Cold and wet with a wind whipping round the corners of the barren streets where women used to stand. How things have changed. A decade ago, even on such a horrible early winter’s night, there would have been activity, but the law changed and drove the women away. Many moved inside, others […]

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#inhaste: Tennessee woman charged with attempted murder after failed self-abortion

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From RHrealitycheck: A 31-year-old woman from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, was arrested last week on the charge of attempted first-degree murder after a failed attempt to abort her 24-week pregnancy in September resulted in her being rushed to a hospital, where doctors delivered a 1.5-pound baby boy. According to local news reports, detectives investigating the incident found Anna Yocca allegedly made “disturbing statements” […]

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#todayin: who would have thunk it! Study finds women denied abortions negatively affected (from @feministing)

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Findings: women who were made continue a pregnancy they did not want were less hopeful about their future (e.g. education and employment), had worse physical health, were more likely to be living in poverty and were more likely to find it difficult to escape abuse. The study is ongoing and explores the mental health, physical health, and socioeconomic consequences of being denied an abortion. Write-up […]

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Politicking periods (by @Harriet_Burgess/ @5050oD)

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Brilliant, excellent, wonderful, fantastic (seriously!) post by @Harriet_Burgess on opendemocracy about abortion in Ireland and specifically about women in Ireland tweeting Taoiseach Enda Kenny about their periods. The logic behind the move was rational – Kenny is all about telling the women of Ireland what they can and cannot do with their wombs so it makes sense that he would be as concerned with their […]

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At least 100,000 Texans of reproductive age have attempted to self-induce an abortion

At least 100,000 Texans of reproductive age have attempted to self-induce an abortion (on feministing): There’s long been anecdotal evidence that with ever-increasing barriers to accessing in-clinic abortions, many Texans, particularly low-income Latinas living near the US-Mexico border, are turning to self-induced abortions. Now, a new study estimates that 100,000 and 240,000 Texans of reproductive age have ever attempted to […]

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