30 Years Later, ‘The Golden Girls’ is Still the Most Progressive Show on Television

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The Golden Girls: intersectional feminists (via medium). A Feminist Show The very premise of The Golden Girls— four women navigating life after marriage and finding companionship in one another — is feminist in nature. While the women exchange quips and get into fights, the overarching message of the show focuses on the importance of chosen family, and women supporting other women. Further, we […]

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“We are finally approaching a critical mass of interest in ending racism, misogyny and transphobia…”

We are finally approaching a critical mass of interest in ending racism, misogyny and transphobia and the ways they are ingrained into our institutions. Instead of rolling our eyes at the intensity of the feelings people have over these issues, we should be grateful that they care so much, because racism, misogyny and transphobia can and do kill people. If […]

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Class vs. Race how the liberal elite just don’t get it

Black Caribbean pupils are still four times as likely to be permanently excluded from school as White British pupils. There is still a culture of teachers having lower expectations of black children relative to their white or Asian counterparts. At the heart of racism is ignorance and fear, this is what is behind teacher’s expectations of young black people. A […]

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Yarl’s Wood: Immigration is a Feminist Issue

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Very good piece on tokenfeminist about what should be an issue of feminist concern. Last week Rashida Manjoo, a special rapporteur for the UN, stated that the UK has an in-your-face boys’ club sexist culture that is unlike that of any other country. She made the comments after visiting the UK to investigate the issue of violence against women. Unsurprisingly, […]

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Justice Rising: moving intersectionally in the age of post-everything (storify) · LSEpublicevents

Examples of tweets: Some have managed to adapt intersectionality to address a range of issues that were not in existence when the term was coined #LSECrenshaw — R.I.T.A. (@ritagroup) March 26, 2014 Some wish to utilise intersectionality whilst ignoring the black female body it has always embodied #LSECrenshaw — R.I.T.A. (@ritagroup) March 26, 2014 "Is post-racialism an actual set of […]

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The trouble with #WhiteHistoryMonth is that it is not history

Here’s John Pilger, writing as late as Friday, March 21, on Guardian.com on the continued theft of Aboriginal children in Australia: … Up to the 1970s, thousands of mixed-race children were stolen from their mothers by welfare officials. The children were given to institutions as cheap or slave labour; many were abused. Described by a chief protector of Aborigines as “breeding out the […]

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Why The Men’s Rights Movement Is Garbage

feminism - MRAs

From The Belle Jar: I need to take a moment here to talk about the Men’s Rights Movement, because there seems to be some confusion. Actually, there seems to be a whole lot of confusion. Over the past little while, I’ve had a number of people challenge me on calling out men’s rights activists (hereafter referred to as MRAs). “But […]

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“Because women of colour experience racism in ways not always the same as those…

Because women of colour experience racism in ways not always the same as those experienced by men of color and sexism in ways not always parallel to experiences of white women, antiracism and feminism are limited, even on their own terms… The failure of feminism to interrogate race means that the resistance strategies of feminism will often replicate and reinforce […]

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On Male Privilege [video]

OK, so this isn’t the funniest thing I’ve ever seen but that’s not as important as the point he’s making. Yes, men have struggles too (and very few feminists would deny that) but think about how those struggles compare those of women. Chap in the video gives some examples. The reaction to being called out varies, depending on the person. […]

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10 Ways to Keep Up the Feminist Fight in 2014

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The following is very US-centric but still relevant. The progress the feminist movement made in 2013 illuminates the progress we still need to make. In the following list, we celebrate the good of this year, and suggest where the road to equality should take us next: Women were allowed into combat this January, but the prevalence of sexual assault on the job—nearly one in three […]

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Silent Sunday Round Up of Inspiring Blogs by Women

Fantastic list by the ever and equally fantastic therealsgm: Building a Feminist Project at One Woman’s Thoughs End Online Misogyny Celebrate Their Three Month Anniversary! at End Online Misogyny Women, Education and the Whitewashing of History at Reading Medieval Books The Witch and her cow-sucking bag at Reading Medieval Books Racist Halloween costume mocks Trayvon Martin’s Murder at  Gradient Lair White Men will not lead the […]

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‘Check your privilege’- we are not using it how you think we are

Very good unpicking of the arguments which have been made recently against checking one’s privilege. helzfeminism: Many of the disconnected, chiding people of the commentariat are loftily deriding the idea of privilege-checking. Their main arguments against the idea of ‘checking your privilege’ are as follows- a) it is elitist and as Bindel said ‘only Oxbridge students use and understand it’, […]

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feminism - intersectionality (2)

I haven’t commented upon the recent, several, controversies on twitter and the blogosphere that have been about privilege (the idea that some of us are better off than others because of our social, economic and cultural positioning), intersectionality (the idea that -isms and -obias intersect and that sexism – the principle concern of feminists – does not exist in isolation […]

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