#womenslives: costly, traumatic nightmare of being undocumented and pregnant – @Madame_George on @broadly


Undocumented migrants already struggle to access healthcare, but doctors warn that the problem is especially acute among pregnant women. Li fled to the UK in 2012, escaping persecution in China for being a Christian. But her problems got exponentially worse when she found out she was pregnant. Turned away from her local GP because she didn’t have documents to prove […]

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#anonymouswasawoman: #HERstory: Ethel Payne (1911-1991) was writer and journalist who


celebratingamazingwomen: Ethel Payne (1911-1991) was writer and journalist who, for her extensive coverage ofthe civil rights movement during the 1950s and 60s, was nicknamed “The FirstLady of the Black Press”. She combined journalism with advocacy at bothnational and international level. She worked for The Defender, an African-Americannewspaper with national readership, and covered important stories such as theMontgomery Bus Boycott or […]

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#womenslives: Women On The Run: 10 Heartbreaking Refugee Quotes

1. “I made a criminal complaint against the police officials who raped and beat me, and I am afraid they will kill me…They kill trans women often. I had many friends who were murdered.” Anonymous transgender woman, El Salvador Trans women are even more likely to be threatened, assaulted, and killed in their home countries, as well as on their […]

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#todayin: labor history: October 4, 1936


todayinlaborhistory: Today in labor history, October 4, 1936: An estimated crowd of more than 100,000 trade unionists, anti-fascist activists, and local residents barricade streets leading into London’s East End to stop a march by British fascists. The 6,000 police officers who attempted to clear a route for the fascists were met with fierce resistance in what became known as the […]

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#womenslives: Ruby Bridges


Ruby Bridges. Happy 60th birthday to Ruby Bridges! As a six-year-old, Ruby Bridges famously became the first African American child to desegregate an all-whiteelementary school in the South. When the 1st grader walked to William Frantz Elementary School in New Orleans on November 14, 1960 surrounded by a team of U.S. Marshals, she was met by a vicious mob shouting […]

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#womensstories: a graphic novel illustrates the architecture of immigration detention


women’s stories: a graphic novel illustrates the architecture of immigration detention (via bitch): In the United States, a Congressional mandate requires that approximately Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) fill 32,000 beds in immigration detention facilities every day. In Canada, nearly 100,000 people have been detained since 2006. But for most North Americans, these massive detention facilities are largely invisible. That’s […]

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Over on the quickhits earlier, I posted this link. It was to a piece in the Indy today, entitled, “To those who can’t see the point of International Women’s Day: you are the very reason it exists”. Well ain’t that the truth. I did my usual quickhitting and tweeting on Saturday – International Women’s Day – but I didn’t bother […]

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In case any of you, like me, couldn’t believe their eyes when they first read this, it is actually all true. Affluenza (the notion that the rich can be forgiven for being feckless and irresponsible because they’re so, well, rich) is A Thing now. I don’t know if that’s the correct definition of the term, by the way, but it might as well […]

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#research: New study shows surprising trends on how people are lured into sex trafficking

From alternet: Human trafficking is a serious problem in the United States that is complex and frequently misunderstood. The sensationalist trafficking narrative commonly depicted in the media and by activists has been fraught with exaggerated data and themes, which has often detracted from potential remedies. A new report released Wednesday by the Polaris Project helps to humanize the issue by […]

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#research: Honour Killing: Blame the System not the Faith

“The main motivation behind all such crime against women is cultural and patriarchal beliefs that women are the property of male guardians.” We all have a lot to say about “honour killings” and why they happen and a lot of it is probably wrong. Read all of this, on the fwsablog (emphasis added): Cultural and social laws and practices are […]

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#research: Child poverty costs UK £29 billion a year (research)

On cpag.org: The high levels of child poverty in the UK are currently costing the country at least £29 billion a year – or £1,098 per household – according to new research released today by Donald Hirsch of Loughborough University (updating his 2008 study for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation). The estimate includes the costs of policy interventions required in childhood […]

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#research: Trafficked women are extremely vulnerable in UK prisons

A University of Cambridge Study has found that trafficked women are extremely vulnerable in UK prisons. Females who have been trafficked into the UK to work as prostitutes, drug mules or domestic servants can end up in prison lacking the help they need, whilst traffickers walk free. Responding to the study into trafficking, Prison Reform Trust director Juliet Lyon, said: […]

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#vivelafeminism: what would the suffragettes be fighting for today?

On June 4 1913, Emily Wilding Davison ran in front of the King’s horse during the Epsom Derby, was knocked unconscious, and died of her injuries four days later. Denied the right to be law-makers, vilified and brutally silenced by the state, the Suffragettes resorted to militancy and media-grabbing feats to make their Votes for Women campaign heard. Emily was […]

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#research: The need for a new coalition to tackle penal excess

There are already some very vocal and well organised campaigns that focus on penal conditions and reforming criminal justice processes. Many of you will be involved in or aware of this kind of work. However, through our recent Reform Sector Strategies project, we learned that because of urgent concerns around penal conditions and the fast moving policy environment there has […]

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