#todayin: misogyny: How ‘hysteria’ has been used to degrade and control women – @ConversationUK

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By Paula Michaels, Monash University: […] hysteria’s long, dark past as a medical diagnosis casts a shadow over our modern colloquial use. With a genealogy that can be traced back 4000 years to ancient Egypt, hysteria can arguably be understood as Western civilisation’s first conceptualisation of mental illness. Ancient physicians attributed erratic female behaviour to spontaneous movement of the womb, with […]

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#womenstories: “More than 95% of American women who have had ended a pregnancy aren’t sorry that they did” – @JessicaValenti

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SO THERE. @JessicaValenti/ @Guardian: This week, the wife of a Republican legislator did something you might find shocking: she wrote about having an abortion. Stephanie Chatfield, who is married to Michigan’s state representative Lee Chatfield, posted on Facebook about ending a pregnancy in high school after she was sexually assaulted at a party. “To tell you the truth, I desperately wish […]

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#todayin: pictures: women asylum patients by Victorian psychiatrist who used photography to analyze mental disorders

Hugh Welch Diamond was an early British psychiatrist and photographer who made a major contribution to the craft of psychiatric photography. Diamond was fascinated by the possible use of photography in the treatment of mental disorders; some of his many calotypes depicting the expressions of people suffering from mental disorders are particularly moving. These were used not only for recording […]

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#womensstories: women are shouting out their abortion stories on twitter #ShoutYourAbortion

feminism - prochoice (i support people who have abortions)

Women on Twitter are sharing their stories about abortion using the hashtag #ShoutYourAbortion. There are some really powerful accounts. And, importantly, a demonstration of agency and absence of shame and stigma. Here are some: Honestly, my abortion at 20 was one of the first responsible, non-self-destructive, grown-ass choices I ever made. #ShoutYourAbortion — Jessica Blankenship (@blanketboat) September 21, 2015 I […]

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#todayin: having to state the bleeding obvious: “A study reveals sexism makes women fearful.”

misogyny - definition (dictionary)

A study published this month in the journal Sex Roles reveals that some of the sexism women face – from catcalling and sexual harassment to sexual objectification and violence – makes women generally more fearful and anxious. The researchers from the University of Missouri-Kansas and Georgia State University found a substantive “link between physical safety concerns and psychological distress”. We […]

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