The “gender card”: “It’s a gender card that men’s bodies are not publicly debated” – @schemaly

gender - the gender card

“Google “gender card” and the results look like this: “Clinton Plays the Gender Card,” “Why playing the ‘gender card’ really could be enough for Hillary Clinton,” “Carly’s Not Playing the Gender Card,” or, conversely, “It’s Time for Carly Fiorina to Stop Playing the Gender Card.” If there is a reference to male candidates playing the gender card, it’s buried. In […]

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“Need to push back against idea that femininity somehow at odds with serious science” – @uajamie, @skepchicks

women, science, STEM

Jamie Bernstein on skepchick cautions against condescending to women, and vilifying femininity, in the push to encourage more women into STEM areas. Good points, and well made. Over at Quartz, Shannon Palus wrote a great piece about how condescending so many campaigns to get women into STEM are, whereby companies market to women using female stereotypes under the assumption that it […]

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#inhaste: Donald Trump is giving America permission to hate women

#inhaste (transp)

From huffpo: In the wake of Donald Trump’s announcement that he would not participate in the Jan. 28 GOP debate because Megyn Kelly is moderating, Kelly has been subjected to a barrage of misogynistic abuse online. It’s disgusting and depressing, but not at all surprising, for two reasons: Because many people (read: trolls) feel empowered to talk to women online in a degrading, […]

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On the History of Teaching and the Value of “Women’s Work” (on @thetoast)

sociology - women's work (2)

[…] Therein lies the crux of the issue: the fact that women are expected to do this job out of love or biology. The work is seen as “fulfilling” for us; satisfaction the only reward we should need. This mentality still informs how we think about teachers in the present. Just as mothers are not supposed to complain about their children or the hard work of parenting, […]

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Best of the NS in 2015: feminism and gender

suffrage (All photographs Christina Broom, Museum of London) Suffragette banner bearer, 1910

You probably saw most of these when they were doing the rounds. But if not, they’re worth a read. I have put two asterisks next to my favourties below. What did the suffragette movement in Britain really look like? By Anna Leszkiewicz The film Suffragette has been accused of “whitewashing” the movement to get women the vote. Do historians agree? Jeremy […]

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Online sexism is so out of control that we can no longer ignore it

‘After going on Question Time, historian Mary Beard received hundreds of messages attacking her appearance.’ Photograph: Geoffrey Swaine/Rex The comedian Kate Smurthwaite received 2,000 abusive tweets for objecting when a men’s rights activist called her “darling” in a TV debate. Some called her “bitch”, “slut”, “harpy”; some were explicit threats of violence and rape. After going on Question Time, the […]

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research: Science finally supports that we are all born as blank slates and gender is merely a construct (from @the_plaidZebra)

sociology, feminism - sex vs. gender

Both you and I have grown up in a world of stereotypes. Whether you like it or not these widely accepted assumptions shape us and how we are viewed in the world, especially when it comes to gender. I was raised with books that showed me pictures of nurturing, maternal women and rugged, money-earning men. TV shows conveyed to me […]

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Born this way. Why an evidence-based stance on sex and gender is good for science and for feminism (from @bitchmedia)

From a recent bitchmagazine (link for original piece) – the (Re)Vision issue. (Again, I really would happily buy bitch for the art work alone.) All © bitchmagazine. Scarcely a week goes by without a study on gender differences in the brain making headlines. “Female brains really ARE different to male minds,” reported the Mail Online on July 28, while a […]

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Social construction and gender identity

It’s surprising how often people seem to assume that respecting people’s gender identity means allowing that everyone has an innate, essential sense of gender that is not shaped by social or cultural factors. (Sidenote: it’s amazing how quickly people become anti-essentialist constructionists about gender once they think that’s a good way to explain what’s wrong/false/delusional about the claims of trans […]

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Sense8: ‘Death Doesn’t Let You Say Goodbye’ (or, Sense8 doing gender right) (from @jarrahpenguin)

feminism - feminist science fiction

SPOILERS, FOLKS. (If you haven’t all watched Sense8 yet then I don’t even know what to say to you. No other TV show that I can think of does gender, and all its intersects, nearly as well as it does. Seriously, get a move on.) AGAIN, SPOILERS. © and source/ rest: FEMINIST MOMENT THAT MAKES THE EPISODE Lito’s post-breakup […]

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‘Gendertrolling’ and violence against abortion providers: cut from the same misogynistic cloth

feminism - misogyny, hard to spell

Always about the misogyny. On RHrealitycheck: Misogyny may evolve as new tactics are put into practice, but the systematic harassment of women, whether it be for speaking up or for accessing reproductive health care, continues to be about power. In her book Gendertrolling: How Misogyny Went Viral, Karla Mantilla defines her new term, “gendertrolling,” as a separate phenomenon from the standard “annoying […]

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#todayin: who would have thunk it! Gender bias in evaluations of evidence of gender bias

sociology - gender bias (2)

I think I’ve leave this one to speak for itself too. Write-up (and good unpicking) from feministphilosophers: A new study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reports that men and women are not equally receptive to experimental evidence of gender bias in STEM settings.  Ian Handley and colleagues reported the results of three experiments.  In the first […]

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#todayin: frustration: research: The Imagined Link Between Masculinity and Creativity

sociology - masculinity (wordle 2)

Note: the link is not between creativity and masculinity but, rather, the attribution of creativity to men because they are ascribed the masculine traits of self-direction and independence that we associate with creativity, and women are not. Key finding (from the abstract below): This boost in men’s perceived creativity is mediated by attributions of agency, not competence. Write-up from pacificstandard: […]

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“Time is a feminist issue”

I came to learn that women have never had a history or culture of leisure. (Unless you were a nun, one researcher later told me.) That from the dawn of humanity, high status men, removed from the drudge work of life, have enjoyed long, uninterrupted hours of leisure. And in that time, they created art, philosophy, literature, they made scientific […]

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