#research: ambivalent, hostile and benevolent sexism – @jessesingal/ @NYMag

feminism - sexism is a social disease

(Lots of interesting research and theorising here about the gender order, ambivalent, hostile and benevolent* sexism, and misogyny. I suggest you read it all – it’s not long. *The most insidious of the three, perhaps, in terms of maintaining the gender order and women’s oppression.) Excerpts from @nymag (captions, emphasis added): Recent election polling shows that women prefer Hillary Clinton by about 15 percentage points, […]

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#womenslives: he thinks you’re a hoe anyway! the -1 vs. +1 woman’s value theory – @thefeministwire

women - slut, stud, double standard

By the by, this is a really great series of posts (feministwire) where women talk about their lives, stories, experiences, and feminisms. Look for emerging feminisms on feministwire. This one: He Thinks You’re A Hoe Anyway! The -1 vs. +1 Woman’s Value Theory Narrative: A woman’s “value” lowers as her sexual partners increases, while a man’s “value” rises as his sexual […]

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#todayin: srsly: “This isn’t my first rodeo, I know the tactics these men use against vocal women” – @ACyborgKitty, medium

feminism - male privilege meme (2)

srsly. we all know. @ACyborgKitty on medium: I just created a label in my editor’s gmail for @DrunkenBoat: Harassment. I know from experience in other leadership positions that this is a label I will have to use all too often, even in the supposedly progressive field of literary arts. This is a label I need to have because I need to […]

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#womenstories: “Husbands can divorce any time, without reason. A woman can’t divorce unless her husband doesn’t give her food or clothes.”

“Husbands can divorce any time, without reason. A woman can’t divorce unless her husband doesn’t give her food or clothes.” Afghanistan, domestic violence and divorce: one woman’s harrowing story theguardian.com (emphasis added, as always) Sune Engel Rasmussen, in Herat: Seventeen months after Setara’s husband cut her face and chest with a knife, disfiguring her for life and only narrowly failing to […]

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#todayin: sexism: Women with vocational qualifications earn 15% less than men

From the guardian (emphasis added): Young women with vocational qualifications earn 15% less than their male peers, a significantly bigger pay gap than for those with academic qualifications, according to new research. Men aged between 22 and 30 with a vocational qualification above GCSE level earn on average £10 an hour, the Trades Union Congress (TUC) found in an analysis […]

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#todayin: sexism: Only 16% of Australians in STEM professions are women, and pay gap is ‘unacceptable’

Same old, same old. From Guardian (emphasis added): Women make up less than one-fifth of Australians qualified in science, technology, engineering and maths and continue to be paid less than their male colleagues. It is a finding of a new report by the Office of the Chief Scientist, which shows 16% of the 2.3 million Stem-qualified Australians are female, with engineering […]

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#todayin: who would have thunk it! Women more likely to support gender equality – @pewresearch

feminism - sexism is a social disease

Findings from @pewresearch. It’s no surprise that women are more in support of gender equality (patriarchy, anyone?) but here’s what’s frustrating: gender equality ranks below religious freedom in goals (is that the word)? Why?! I’m not the only one who balks at that, right? Gender equality and women’s empowerment is one of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. And gender […]

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#todayin: pictures: ‘I’ve Named Her Scholastica’: Tanzania’s teen mothers – @hackneydoula, @jaydabliu for @broadly

sexism - sexism on television (you mean a woman can open it)

Intro: In Tanzania, girls are traditionally married off before they are 18. In childbirth, they routinely lack access to lifesaving cesareans and medical treatment. Despite this, young women are daring to dream for more. @hackneydoula and @jaydabli for @broadly: “I named her Scholastica” (emphasis added): Eva Paulo wanted to be a tailor when she grew up. When I meet her, she is […]

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#todayin: dear gods! As women take over male-dominated field, pay drops – @clairecm

sociology - women's work (4)

Why? Women’s work is not valued. From the NYT: Women’s median annual earnings stubbornly remain about 20 percent below men’s. Why is progress stalling? That sounds like a truism, but the academic work behind it helps explain the pay gap’s persistence even as the factors long thought to cause it have disappeared. Women, for example, are now better educated than men, […]

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#todayin: fighting back: IWD2016: how women are finding new ways to fight inequality – Laura Bates

Attention grabbing … Emmeline Pankhurst being arrested in 1910. Photograph: Trinity Mirror / Mirrorpix / Ala/Alamy

Yes, I know IWD was two weeks ago but as I said then too, every day is WD for me. Anyway, on the Guardian on IWD, Laura Bates (founder of everydaysexism) discussed some of the many ways that women are fighting sexism, misogyny, inequality and the patriarchy. From theguardian: Green, white and purple sashes, powerful placards and large-scale marches – these are the […]

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#todayin: *smh* Don’t forget the men on International Women’s Day

men - poor menz, what about the men

This is a takedown, of course, on York Feminist Network. It’s about a piece on a local radio station on IWD which claimed that we “hardly ever celebrate men”. Honest to heaven, what planet are they on? Certainly not this one which celebrates men, by default, every single flipping day. My response to the “When is International Men’s Day” question that is prevalent at […]

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#todayin: #rapeculture: “The term ‘friend zone’ inherently relies on the concept of male entitlement” – @the_PlaidZebra

feminism - rape culture (no does not mean convince me)

The infamous “friend zone” is a desolate place, corroded with bitterness. When a woman makes the choice to not get involved with a man who is trying to initiate a romantic or sexual relationship, the man is said to be plummeting into the depths of the friend zone. Men often vent and joke about the audacity of these women who […]

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#todayin: who would have thunk it! Gender bias in evaluations of evidence of gender bias

sociology - gender bias (2)

I think I’ve leave this one to speak for itself too. Write-up (and good unpicking) from feministphilosophers: A new study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reports that men and women are not equally receptive to experimental evidence of gender bias in STEM settings.  Ian Handley and colleagues reported the results of three experiments.  In the first […]

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