The “gender card”: “It’s a gender card that men’s bodies are not publicly debated” – @schemaly

gender - the gender card

“Google “gender card” and the results look like this: “Clinton Plays the Gender Card,” “Why playing the ‘gender card’ really could be enough for Hillary Clinton,” “Carly’s Not Playing the Gender Card,” or, conversely, “It’s Time for Carly Fiorina to Stop Playing the Gender Card.” If there is a reference to male candidates playing the gender card, it’s buried. In […]

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#inhaste: he knows me better than i know myself: “Don’t tell the Bride” and gender (from @jembloomfield)

#inhaste (transp)

quiteirregular on gender norms, patriarchal expectations (from men and women) and reality TV: “I’m less interested here in the ways by which the show’s editing shapes scenes, or produces characters from the people onscreen (though there’s plenty to say about that elsewhere.) Instead, I want to look at some of the assumptions which lie beneath the stories which play out on […]

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Why dudes don’t greet dudes (#DudesGreetingDudes)

feminism - don't tell me to smile (street harassment) badge

I missed the #DudesGreetingDudes hashtag when it was going but it makes a good point about the problems (and nonsense) of inter- and intra-gender relations and toxic masculinity. From the dailydot: The #DudesGreetingDudes tweets are hilarious because they’re ridiculous. After all, everyone knows men would never actually talk to each other like that. But why wouldn’t they? The common explanation […]

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From: Gender Knot: Unraveling Our Patriarchal Legacy

Many men will object to the very idea that male privilege exists, but their objection also insists on a kind of invisibility that patriarchy depends on. Few men realize how much their lives would change if women weren’t treated as subordinate. Instead, men take credit for their hard work and achievements without taking into account how much harder it would […]

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Remembering why redefining masculinity is important

Much of the work I’ve done here at Feministing has been an attempt to unpack the oppressive nature of our current constructs of masculinity. Sometimes this means discussing the ways in which defining masculinity around dominance, violence, coercion, and invulnerability limit the identities and expression of men who are beholden to this definition. And I continue to believe that is […]

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The “friend zone”: it’s not me, it’s you

feminism (sexism) - the friendzone

In reality, the friend zone devalues the very thing it references: friendship. Its view of sex suggests that platonic friendship is some sort of penalty box. – Elizabeth Plank on If you’re a young woman in your teens or 20s, you can expect several rites of passage: learning the proper way to use a bobby pin (it’s this way), […]

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“As the #yesallwomen hashtag pointed out, not all men need to be like that for women to be abused”

As the #yesallwomen hashtag pointed out, not all men need to be like that for women to be abused, intimidated or disadvantaged. Pointing out that “not all men are like that” is a sign that we’re more interested in talking about how we’re good people than talking about the violence and discrimination women face. It essentially asks women to stop […]

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The Sexual Politics of Hair Removal

When asked about pubic hair removal, most American women tend to describe their efforts as a form of “self-enhancement”—a way to feel cleaner and more attractive. While some report opting to remove hair in accordance with their sexual partners’ preferences (and specifically, to encourage their partners to perform oral sex), most instead stress themes of hygiene and sexual desirability. Beginning […]

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“One of the most common derisive taunts thrown at feminists – and one of the oldest – is ‘manhater'”

One of the most common derisive taunts thrown at feminists – and one of the oldest – is “manhater”. It’s been around since the days of suffrage, and still gets used today, though its a pretty anodyne insult. Most feminists, like me, shun the label and work to convince people that despite the stereotypes feminists absolutely, without a doubt, do […]

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On friendship and masculinity

feminism - masculinity

The fact that we can’t talk about platonic friendships without mentioning gender is definitely worth exploring. I’ve written about female friendships with a similar analysis. But in this case, it is useful to unpack how normative masculinity stands in the way of friendships, especially in relationships. Then I remembered a conversation with one – actually a few – of my […]

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“It’s no real surprise that vintage porn is a trend, even among women. I mean, look at the…”

It’s no real surprise that vintage porn is a trend, even among women. I mean, look at the encouragement and support they receive from men when they play like sexism and objectification is totally cool and sexy… Are women somehow expected to remain unaffected by the messages our culture throws at us constantly about how sexualization is sex and that […]

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#todayin: sexism: study: sexist internet dudes refuse to believe sexism is a thing

sociology - sexism doesn't exist

Clue’s in the title, there. From: feministing: According to a new study, That Guy in the Comments Section is going to need a lot more than Real Scientific Evidence to convince him that sexism exists. The study, published in the Psychology of Women Quarterly, examined the hellhole that is the comments sections of articles reporting on experimental evidence of gender […]

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#todayin: misogyny: On how feminism supposedly destroys femininity (according to Paulo Coelho)

feminism - femininity

This old chestnut (that feminism has encouraged women to be “unfeminine”, whatever that is) does the rounds every so often. What it means is that the complainant believes that (1) women are no longer sufficiently subservient and “ladylike” and (2) women are no longer unquestioningly and categorically receptive to men’s advances. (That is, that feminism has reinforced for women that […]

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The art of “no”

feminism - no means no

I ​ may have blogged this before (1000s of blogs later, I lose track), but in case I haven’t, the linked piece is about saying “no” and persisting in saying “no” in potentially difficult and awkward situations. It’s not a perfect piece but ​ ​it does use some good examples to illustrate how difficult it is, for women in particular, […]

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Video: The Mask You Live In: an exploration of American masculinity (by @JenSiebelNewsom)


On Kickstarter: “From the director of Miss Representation – an exploration of American masculinity.” Why this video matters: At a young age, boys learn that to express compassion or empathy is to show weakness. They hear confusing messages that force them to repress their emotions, establish hierarchies, and constantly prove their masculinity. They often feel compelled to abide by a […]

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