#research: Possibly the most exhaustive study of “manspreading” ever conducted – @socimages


Possibly the most exhaustive study of “manspreading” ever conducted – @socimages I recently discovered what has got to be one of the most exhaustive treatments of the practice ever produced. It’s not the work of a sociologist; it’s the work of a German feminist photographer, Marianne Wex. In Wex’s treatment of the topic, Let’s Take Back Our Space: Female and […]

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#research: Residential colleges are “total institutions” and hookup culture is totally institutionalized

socimages: Residential colleges are “total institutions” and hookup culture is totally institutionalized. By Lisa Wade, PhD; originally posted at Everyday Sociology. When new students move into their residence halls to start their first year of college, they become a part of an institution. In many ways, it is a “total institution” in the tradition of the sociologist Erving Goffman: an […]

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#research: New article by Alison Phipps on lad culture


New article by Alison Phipps on lad culture: Phipps, Alison (2016) ‘(Re)theorising laddish masculinities in higher education’, in Gender and Education DOI: 10.1080/09540253.2016.1171298 (available at http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/09540253.2016.1171298). Online here; open access here. Abstract: In the context of renewed debates and interest in this area, this paper reframes the theoretical agenda around laddish masculinities in UK higher education, and similar masculinities overseas. […]

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#research: chilvary could indicate hidden sexism, study finds

Men who demonstrate ‘well intentioned’ sexism are said to see women as warm and pure yet helpless and incompetent. Men who open doors for women are as guilty of sexism as those who are rude to them, according to a new study. Psychologists found that a friendly or chivalrous attitude can mask chauvinistic and patronising views because the men see […]

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feminism - you're doing it wrong

ETA: despite the several hateful and humiliating machinations by The Sun this week, this is all still very relevant. Small victories, right? There’s nothing so controversial as a small victory for feminism. They’re good, sort of, but then why did feminists bother doing this and not that? In fact, why didn’t the lazy fuckers do both? And why didn’t they […]

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#maleficentmisogyny: On how feminism supposedly destroys femininity (according to Paulo Coelho)

This old chestnut (that feminism has encouraged women to be “unfeminine”, whatever that is) does the rounds every so often. What it means is that the complainant believes that (1) women are no longer sufficiently subservient and “ladylike” and (2) women are no longer unquestioningly and categorically receptive to men’s advances. (That is, that feminism has reinforced for women that […]

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#study: women trapped in sexist universities’ ivory basements

Some findings from a new study on women academics’ experiences in British universities. In one account, “Sarah” describes how she took on a job as a university lecturer, having ignored: “rumours the department was not good for women”. But after taking the job, “it became very apparent the rumours were true… I felt like I had gone back in time […]

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#feminismisdead: #WomenAgainstFeminism, Privilege and Feminist Activism

The tweets and posts on Women against Feminism demonstrate a fundamental misunderstanding as to what feminism actually is: the liberation of women. More excellent commentary by Louise Pennington (elegantgatheringofwhitesnows.com) on the recent #WomenAgainstFeminism trending hashtag on twitter. Freedom & Equality has no gender, and shouldn’t have one. As long as no harm come to one another, people deserve to live […]

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#research: Children learn sexism at school – so that’s where we should begin to fight it

On theguardian: High-profile cases in Rochdale and recent reports into gangs suggest that the sort of girls who are harrassed and abused are weak and friendless, girls whose chaotic homes lives leave them vulnerable. Yet, while law-abiding parents are reading these stories as if they are missives from Mars, harassment and sexism has become an everyday reality for their daughters. […]

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#maleficentmisogyny: Where do all the angry white men come from?

“When one looks at the horrific abuse meted out to feminist campaigners such as Caroline Criado-Perez, it is hard to see it as anything but aggrieved entitlement. […] The common feature, he argues, is their shared belief that certain degrees of status, privilege and social advantage, perceived to be their natural or god-given rights, have been snatched away by sudden […]

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