#feministslives: Why feminists hate debating anti-feminists – @caitoz/ @theinquisitr

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(Yes, you’re the devil’s advocate, you’re “just sayin’”, you “just want to understand”, you “just think that…” etc. etc. and that’s you on a good day. But this is MY LIFE you’re batting around, friend. This is my daily, consuming lived experience.) ••• Feminists want collaboration. Deep down, I think that’s what pretty much all of us want. The masculine, […]

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#afeministtakeon: Why Iron Man 3‘s surface-level feminism is more dangerous than you think – @StegoSarahs

(Gotta tell ye: I didn’t pick up on that much of the old feminism myself in IM3. Perhaps because it really was that light-touch or, you know, not feminism.) ••• Pepper Potts, capable boss-lady of Stark Industries, changes her personality according to the needs of the plot. First scene: Tony’s suffering PTSD and she supports him. Literally the next scene: […]

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#feministslives: talking, writing and fighting like girls: speaking out as feminists – @ConversationUK

(Long piece. Excerpts below.) ••• The phrase “the personal is political” has been entwined with the feminist movement since the 1970s. The idea that every individual woman’s experience speaks to broader social and political structures that affect women has encouraged feminist writers to disclose something of themselves as they have agitated for gender equality. […] The renewed visibility of feminists […]

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#todayin: fighting back: “A feminist internet is one where online violence against women is taken seriously and addressed” – @chitranagarajan

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#todayin: fighting back: “A feminist internet is one where online violence against women is taken seriously and addressed” – @chitranagarajan: This piece is getting a lot of coverage, and for good reason. From the guardian, emphasis added. Although the violence women and girls experience online has received growing attention from the media, politicians and technology companies, what is often missing […]

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#todayin: feminists doing feminism wrong: where feminism went wrong

feminism is hated, anti-feminism

“The dilemma for contemporary feminists is that although American women have gradually overcome the formal legal and informal cultural barriers that previously prevented them from participating in certain occupations and professions, this achievement has not led to statistical parity between the sexes in all areas of social, economic, and political life,” wrote Christina Villegas. We see this applied most notably […]

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#todayin: srsly! Can we stop calling inspirational women ‘badass babes’? – @bellejarteam

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Actually seriously. It’s offensive and it MAKES NO SENSE. BelleJar: A trend has arisen in popular feminist discourse where people have opted for the terms ‘babes’ and ‘badasses’ (and even the combined ‘badass babes’) when describing female change-makers. These terms have been popularised in feminist dialogue over the past few years and have been used in countlessarticlesoverandoveragain, articles that aim to […]

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#womensstories: puberty ruined me – @thefeministwire

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Sexual education was severely lacking at my grade school, because the students were only allowed to know sex is on a biological level, and how bodies grew when they went through puberty. We weren’t informed of the bigger, cultural picture of how pleasure, non-hetero relationships, and sexual health are integrated into everyday life, or the effects of what gendering and […]

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#todayin: srsly: “This isn’t my first rodeo, I know the tactics these men use against vocal women” – @ACyborgKitty, medium

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srsly. we all know. @ACyborgKitty on medium: I just created a label in my editor’s gmail for @DrunkenBoat: Harassment. I know from experience in other leadership positions that this is a label I will have to use all too often, even in the supposedly progressive field of literary arts. This is a label I need to have because I need to […]

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#todayin: pictures: 11 powerful feminist messages, written on the bodies fighting for them (HuffPo) (NSFW)

Liora began the project, titled “Feminism,” in 2012, after she moved to a Republican state for the first time and heard more about proposed reproductive rights legislation that was detrimental to women. “I was signing petitions and sharing articles, but it wasn’t really alleviating the anger I felt,” she told The Huffington Post. Liora decided to use her skills as […]

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#todayin: feminists doing feminism wrong: University feminists are betraying their movement’s liberal past

feminism - the man-hating feminist

Argues a white male, elite university philosophy on the Quillette:  Feminism wasn’t always this censorious. The university feminists of today do not reflect the motives of the classical past of their movement. The Swedish feminist — and personal heroine of mine — Margareta Momma wrote extensively in defence of tolerance during the age of Enlightenment. In her excellent essays she defends […]

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#todayin: *smh* University isn’t for men? @jembloomfield

#todayin: smh University isn’t for men? @jembloomfield: quiteirregular (Jem Bloomfield) nails it once again. I missed the THE piece the first time around (praise the gods). Women and feminists are not holding men back at university (jaysus!) but their belief in (toxic) masculinity is. Here: Attempts to combat violent misogyny in British universities are putting men off going to uni. […]

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#afeministtakeon: Little Women: Laurie isn’t a Good Guy; he’s a Nice Guy™ – @maddiemuses on @bookriot

I’ve read it just the once (Little Women) but I too did wonder why Jo didn’t fall for Laurie (lovely, floppy-haired, creative little Laurie) and chose instead the agitated Professor Bhaer. Maddie Rodriguez on bookriot gives us #afeministtakeon on why Laurie might not be all that he’s cracked up to be: But re-reading Little Women this month, I realized with mounting alarm that as a potential […]

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#afeministtakeon: Master of None (and why it should compulsory viewing for male feminists) – @lip_mag

I’m only two episodes into Master of None yet (I’m still working my way through PnR which takes priority, I’m sure you understand). So far, it’s certainly witty, cheeky, and engaging. I can see some feminist themes starting and I’m happy to hear that they come into their own. I’ll continue.* * In the meantime, my search for a piano mat also continues. That looks like […]

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