“Empowerment has become a synonym for self-indulgent narcissism” – @HadleyFreeman

feminism - choice, liberal, feminism

Hadley Freeman on “choice” and “individual” feminism, faux-empowerment, capitulating to the patriarchy (for that is what it is), and consumerist feminist practices. (Really, you need read no further than the very mention of Gwyneth Paltrow. Never before have two words been so informative.) (Oh, and though I didn’t plan it so, this pieces offers an interesting contrast with this one, […]

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#research: (Re)theorising laddish masculinities in higher education – @alisonphipps

feminism, sociology (lad culture) - keep calm and be a lad

New article by Alison Phipps on lad culture: Phipps, Alison (2016) ‘(Re)theorising laddish masculinities in higher education’, in Gender and Education DOI: 10.1080/09540253.2016.1171298 (available at http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/09540253.2016.1171298). Online here; open access here. Abstract: In the context of renewed debates and interest in this area, this paper reframes the theoretical agenda around laddish masculinities in UK higher education, and similar masculinities overseas. These can […]

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News from @fawcettsociety for April 2016

feminism, equality - construction women (UMass)

From @fawcettsociety on email. Some useful info. 150th Anniversary celebrations In the Steps of Exceptional Women: The Story of the Fawcett Society is Jane Grant’s brilliant history of the society, from our roots 150 years ago beginning with Millicent Fawcett up to the present day. We held a very special event at the historic Millicent Fawcett Hall to launch the book, […]

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#todayin: feminists doing feminism wrong: University feminists are betraying their movement’s liberal past

feminism - the man-hating feminist

Argues a white male, elite university philosophy on the Quillette:  Feminism wasn’t always this censorious. The university feminists of today do not reflect the motives of the classical past of their movement. The Swedish feminist — and personal heroine of mine — Margareta Momma wrote extensively in defence of tolerance during the age of Enlightenment. In her excellent essays she defends […]

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12 Books to Keep Your Feminism Intersectional

So much brilliance here. Via scientificphilosopher, by Crystal Paul of Bustle: 1. Women, Race, and Class by Angela Y. Davis This is definitely one of the must-reads for any intersectional feminist. A bit dated at this point, but still important, it takes a look at the very issues of exclusion that have hindered the feminist movement since abolition days. 2. Stone Butch […]

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#todayin: *smh* University isn’t for men? @jembloomfield

#todayin: *smh* University isn’t for men? @jembloomfield: quiteirregular (Jem Bloomfield) nails it once again. I missed the THE piece the first time around (praise the gods). Women and feminists are not holding men back at university (jaysus!) but their belief in (toxic) masculinity is. Here: Attempts to combat violent misogyny in British universities are putting men off going to uni. […]

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“None of this would have happened without feminism” – @polblonde

feminism - i need feminism because

Feminism there. Pretty frickin’ crucial and transformative, whether you like it or not. Some top points here: piece by Joan Smith on the Independent. (No, of course you shouldn’t read BTL. Rookie mistake.) In 1997, when I began writing a weekly column for The Independent on Sunday, Labour had just won a landslide election victory. I wasn’t a fan of Tony Blair, an antipathy that […]

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#bookreview: All the Single Ladies: how single women are redefining happily ever after – @AudreyBilger on @msmagazine

The following review of All the Single Ladies: Unmarried Women and the Rise of an Independent Nation by Rebecca Traister appears in the spring 2016 issue of Ms. And here’s the link. Emphasis is added below. Unmarried women have had it rough. Viewed with suspicion and outright hostility throughout history, single ladies—the ones who don’t have or want “a ring on it” (with […]

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#afeministtakeon: Little Women: Laurie isn’t a Good Guy; he’s a Nice Guy™ – @maddiemuses on @bookriot

I’ve read it just the once (Little Women) but I too did wonder why Jo didn’t fall for Laurie (lovely, floppy-haired, creative little Laurie) and chose instead the agitated Professor Bhaer. Maddie Rodriguez on bookriot gives us #afeministtakeon on why Laurie might not be all that he’s cracked up to be: But re-reading Little Women this month, I realized with mounting alarm that as a potential […]

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Are we there yet? On feminism and social change – @feministcurrent

feminism, suffrage – women unite

After a screening of Suffragette, Jindi Mehat (feministcurrent) talks feminism, social movements and social change beyond the Suffragette movement, and offers a critique of “choice” and individualised forms of feminism that, some argue, do more harm than good. On feministcurrent (emphasis added): The struggle for women’s liberation has had other moments of determined, resolute action besides the Suffragette movement. During feminism’s second wave, […]

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“At the root of critique is profound distrust not just of words, but of social presentation” – @hoodedu on @ESTBLSHMNT

sociology - activism, slacktivism (2)

On activism, “slack”tivism and the left, Noah Berlatsky on The Establishment: The left is so full of posers that there is a full-on left crisis of posing. In fact, many left critics argue, the performance of virtue on the left has become so prevalent, and so divorced from actual political commitment, that it has undermined both past gains and the effort […]

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#afeministtakeon: Master of None (and why it should compulsory viewing for male feminists) – @lip_mag

I’m only two episodes into Master of None yet (I’m still working my way through PnR which takes priority, I’m sure you understand). So far, it’s certainly witty, cheeky, and engaging. I can see some feminist themes starting and I’m happy to hear that they come into their own. I’ll continue.* * In the meantime, my search for a piano mat also continues. That looks like […]

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Six reasons we still need International Women’s Day

Six reasons we still need International Women’s Day. A whistle-stop tour. From msmagazine. As always, emphasis added. Since 1975, March 8—International Women’s Day—has been a rallying point for feminists worldwide. Established by the U.N., it has traditionally been a moment to celebrate women’s achievements while highlighting serious inequalities between the sexes. But 41 years later, is it still necessary? The […]

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Feminists need to learn about religion – @drkristinaune (on @conversationUK)

sociology - religion, cross (on shutterstock)

It’s an argument. This here feminist (me) is certainly guilty of summarily dismissing all religions (with some grounds, but still…). (Parts of this piece are confusing, at least to me, particularly the section on feminist responses to religion which seems to have missed its point where it starts with “Those who argue…”. In any case, worth posting.) On theconversation.com: Faced with religion, what’s a good feminist to do? Some […]

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Brexit is a feminist issue. Maybe, maybe not.

Brexit is a feminist issue. Maybe, maybe not. If I understood it, I could comment. Maybe. From the guardian: In 1975, campaigners for Britain to leave the European Economic Community – as it was then – hit upon a brilliant wheeze to put a woman at the centre of the debate. “In Coventry, they got a ‘new Lady Godiva’ to ride […]

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