#todayin: academia (and sexism): STEM culture bars women’s success – @lip_mag


From lipmag: on women in science and STEM: For some time now, women have been statistically underrepresented in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This trend is particularly troubling, as STEM fields are aching for qualified workers. The cyber security industry, as an example, is a field that has grown to be particularly important in today’s technological age, […]

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#womenslives: he thinks you’re a hoe anyway! the -1 vs. +1 woman’s value theory – @thefeministwire

women - slut, stud, double standard

By the by, this is a really great series of posts (feministwire) where women talk about their lives, stories, experiences, and feminisms. Look for emerging feminisms on feministwire. This one: He Thinks You’re A Hoe Anyway! The -1 vs. +1 Woman’s Value Theory Narrative: A woman’s “value” lowers as her sexual partners increases, while a man’s “value” rises as his sexual […]

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#womensstories: puberty ruined me – @thefeministwire

Sexual education was severely lacking at my grade school, because the students were only allowed to know sex is on a biological level, and how bodies grew when they went through puberty. We weren’t informed of the bigger, cultural picture of how pleasure, non-hetero relationships, and sexual health are integrated into everyday life, or the effects of what gendering and […]

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#womenslives: Study: sexual harassment “part of job” for women in tech – @DianaTourjee/ @broadly

feminism - don't tell me to smile (street harassment) badge

Piece by @DianaTourjee on @broadly (emphasis added): A recent report finds that 60 percent of women working in the tech industry in Silicon Valley have experienced sexual harassment. A staggering 90 percent of the women interviewed in the study, which was titled Elephant in the Valley, reportedly “witnessed sexist behavior at company offsites and/or industry conferences.” In other cases, the sexism women […]

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#todayin: pictures: 11 powerful feminist messages, written on the bodies fighting for them (HuffPo) (NSFW)

Liora began the project, titled “Feminism,” in 2012, after she moved to a Republican state for the first time and heard more about proposed reproductive rights legislation that was detrimental to women. “I was signing petitions and sharing articles, but it wasn’t really alleviating the anger I felt,” she told The Huffington Post. Liora decided to use her skills as […]

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#todayin: sexism: Women with vocational qualifications earn 15% less than men

From the guardian (emphasis added): Young women with vocational qualifications earn 15% less than their male peers, a significantly bigger pay gap than for those with academic qualifications, according to new research. Men aged between 22 and 30 with a vocational qualification above GCSE level earn on average £10 an hour, the Trades Union Congress (TUC) found in an analysis […]

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#todayin: pictures: When 90 percent of Iceland’s women went on strike in 1975 – @mayadusenbery

Originally sparked by the Haymarket Massacre of 1886, when police cracked down on peaceful protestors rallying for an eight-hour work day in Chicago, International Workers’ Day has enjoyed a bit of a revival in the last several years. In 2006, activists organized “a day without an immigrant,” and immigrants’ rights actions have been a big focus of the day ever since. A couple years ago, Occupy […]

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#todayin: who would have thunk it! Women rare in top positions of religious leadership – @pewresearch

Not rocket science. But always worth a highlight. From @pewresearch: While many large religious organizations in the United States allow women to be ordained – and to hold leadership positions within the organization – few women have actually served at the very top. We looked at nine major religious organizations in the U.S. that both ordain women and allow them […]

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#todayin: pictures: ‘I’ve Named Her Scholastica’: Tanzania’s teen mothers – @hackneydoula, @jaydabliu for @broadly

sexism - sexism on television (you mean a woman can open it)

Intro: In Tanzania, girls are traditionally married off before they are 18. In childbirth, they routinely lack access to lifesaving cesareans and medical treatment. Despite this, young women are daring to dream for more. @hackneydoula and @jaydabli for @broadly: “I named her Scholastica” (emphasis added): Eva Paulo wanted to be a tailor when she grew up. When I meet her, she is […]

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#todayin: dear gods! As women take over male-dominated field, pay drops – @clairecm

sociology - women's work (4)

Why? Women’s work is not valued. From the NYT: Women’s median annual earnings stubbornly remain about 20 percent below men’s. Why is progress stalling? That sounds like a truism, but the academic work behind it helps explain the pay gap’s persistence even as the factors long thought to cause it have disappeared. Women, for example, are now better educated than men, […]

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#todayin: fighting back: Women are being kept out of Irish theatre and a group of artists is fighting back

#todayin: fighting back: Women are being kept out of Irish theatre and a group of artists is fighting back (Such a good point about women’s voices and women speaking at all.) From msmagazine: Comedian and writer Maeve Higgins had some strong words for her native Ireland during a recent symposium in New York: “[It’s] a wet little rock full of […]

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#todayin: fighting back: IWD2016: how women are finding new ways to fight inequality – Laura Bates

Attention grabbing … Emmeline Pankhurst being arrested in 1910. Photograph: Trinity Mirror / Mirrorpix / Ala/Alamy

Yes, I know IWD was two weeks ago but as I said then too, every day is WD for me. Anyway, on the Guardian on IWD, Laura Bates (founder of everydaysexism) discussed some of the many ways that women are fighting sexism, misogyny, inequality and the patriarchy. From theguardian: Green, white and purple sashes, powerful placards and large-scale marches – these are the […]

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#todayin: academia: Persistent sexual harassment primary reason women leave STEM

women - sexism in science, STEM

From jezebel: “The absence of women within STEM programs is not only progressive, it is persistent,” Hope Jahren writes in a recent essay in the New York Times.By Stassa Edwards “Indeed, despite programs designed to interest girls in STEM, GoldieBlox, and supermodels celebrating the virtues of coding, the fields are still overwhelmingly male and seem virtually resistant to change. Jahren, […]

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