#todayin: academia (and sexism): STEM culture bars women’s success – @lip_mag


From lipmag: on women in science and STEM: For some time now, women have been statistically underrepresented in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This trend is particularly troubling, as STEM fields are aching for qualified workers. The cyber security industry, as an example, is a field that has grown to be particularly important in today’s technological age, […]

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#todayin: *smh* University isn’t for men? @jembloomfield

#todayin: smh University isn’t for men? @jembloomfield: quiteirregular (Jem Bloomfield) nails it once again. I missed the THE piece the first time around (praise the gods). Women and feminists are not holding men back at university (jaysus!) but their belief in (toxic) masculinity is. Here: Attempts to combat violent misogyny in British universities are putting men off going to uni. […]

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#todayin: pictures: ‘I’ve Named Her Scholastica’: Tanzania’s teen mothers – @hackneydoula, @jaydabliu for @broadly

sexism - sexism on television (you mean a woman can open it)

Intro: In Tanzania, girls are traditionally married off before they are 18. In childbirth, they routinely lack access to lifesaving cesareans and medical treatment. Despite this, young women are daring to dream for more. @hackneydoula and @jaydabli for @broadly: “I named her Scholastica” (emphasis added): Eva Paulo wanted to be a tailor when she grew up. When I meet her, she is […]

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#todayin: academia: #womensstories: “The evasion of justice in academia is infuriating because sexual harassment is so predictable”

woman - reading

Then, a month ago, she wrote and asked me what to do. She forwarded an email she had received from a senior colleague that opened, “Can I share something deeply personal with you?” Within the email, he detonates what he described as a “truth bomb”: “All I know is that from the first day I talked to you, there hadn’t […]

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#todayin: sexism: young children must be protected from ingrained gender stereotypes

feminism - (sexism) satan

The piece below (from Laura Bates on the Guardian) shows a few examples of the everyday sexism that feeds into children’s education – “One [parent] referenced their son’s physics homework, which used examples of men pushing vans, lifting weights, climbing trees and shooting arrows. The sole female example was a woman pushing a pram. […] Numerous questions involved men doing […]

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#todayin: sexism: dressing for the occasion (dress codes imposed on girls)

sexism - schools and sexism

Excellent post. On aworldworthchanging: Clothing policies are everywhere. Whether they are rooted in tradition, are for practical purposes or to give off a particular impression, many workplaces have a specific uniform, you are expected to not wear white to a wedding (unless you’re the bride), black is for funerals and you shouldn’t turn up to an important meeting with your […]

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Research: Sexualisation of little girls linked with negative body image

Below is an excellent and interesting critique of the recent announcement by Dave (Cameron) et al that said that we need to halt the over-sexualisation of our young girls. Dave et al are backing several proposals (from a Christian organisation, it’s worth noting) that aim to protect children from sexual imagery (e.g., by selling top shelf magazines in brown sleeves). […]

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