Campus rape: “Rape culture is created and enabled by patriarchy, which empowers men at the expense of women” – @conversationUK

feminism - rape culture (being drunk is not consent)

On The Conversation: Elisabet le Roux, Stellenbosch University (and sort of follow-up to this piece from earlier: Campus assault: “Most likely attacker will be friend or acquaintance” – @conversationUK) Lady Gaga’s performance of Til it happens to you at the 2016 Academy Awards drew worldwide attention to sexual violence, and specifically the recent increase in sexual assault on American university campuses. It […]

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#research: educating girls could cut child marriage in Bangladesh by a third (emphasis added): Child marriage in Bangladesh could drop by up to one-third if girls receive educational support or skills training, according to a study looking at ways to combat the practice in a country with one of the highest prevalence rates. The Population Council’s Bangladeshi Association for Life Skills, Income and Knowledge for Adolescents (Balika) project evaluated the success of […]

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#todayin: *smh* University isn’t for men? @jembloomfield

#todayin: *smh* University isn’t for men? @jembloomfield: quiteirregular (Jem Bloomfield) nails it once again. I missed the THE piece the first time around (praise the gods). Women and feminists are not holding men back at university (jaysus!) but their belief in (toxic) masculinity is. Here: Attempts to combat violent misogyny in British universities are putting men off going to uni. […]

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#todayin: pictures: ‘I’ve Named Her Scholastica’: Tanzania’s teen mothers – @hackneydoula, @jaydabliu for @broadly

#womensstories, #womenslives

Intro: In Tanzania, girls are traditionally married off before they are 18. In childbirth, they routinely lack access to lifesaving cesareans and medical treatment. Despite this, young women are daring to dream for more. – @hackneydoula and @jaydabli for @broadly: “I named her Scholastica” (emphasis added): Eva Paulo wanted to be a tailor when she grew up. When I meet her, she […]

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#todayin: academia: #womensstories: “The evasion of justice in academia is infuriating because sexual harassment is so predictable”

woman - reading

Then, a month ago, she wrote and asked me what to do. She forwarded an email she had received from a senior colleague that opened, “Can I share something deeply personal with you?” Within the email, he detonates what he described as a “truth bomb”: “All I know is that from the first day I talked to you, there hadn’t […]

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University awards nominations for “entertaining and attractive” lecturers (also: divisive) – @CHavergalTHE

education - teaching evaluation, bias, higher education

A study published in the journal Teaching in Higher Education has found that nominations for teaching awards in HE are often made with questionable criteria (eg. where a lecturer is entertaining or *vomit* sexy). Paper abstract: Reference: Madriaga, M. and Morley, K. (2016). Awarding teaching excellence: ‘what is it supposed to achieve?’ Teacher perceptions of student-led awards. Teaching in Higher Education, 21(2), pp.166-17: Although […]

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research: student evaluations are better and predicting gender bias and grade expectations (from @insidehighered)

education - higher education

The latter we’ve all known for a long time. The former is repeatedly confirmed in research. Certainly something to remember for the new “TEF”. From insidehighered: There’s mounting evidence suggesting that student evaluations of teaching are unreliable. But are these evaluations, commonly referred to as SET, so bad that they’re actually better at gauging students’ gender bias and grade expectations […]

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#inhaste: America has an overeducation problem


On New Republic: With all the promises about reducing the cost of attending college, the candidates have paid little attention to the job market conditions for university graduates. A sizable majority of Americans and all the candidates share the belief that a university degree is a valuable investment and government ought to do what it can to help as many people […]

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Half of girls believe science and maths are ‘too difficult’

Also they are probably worried about being so very #distractinglysexy. Biology is the most popular science subject among both girls and young women, while physics is the least popular, according a survey which raises fresh concerns about gender stereotypes in academia. The study by Accenture, which explores how to attract more women into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) careers, […]

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How sexism in schools is ‘exhausting’ young women

sexism - schools and sexism

I’m fifteen years old, currently studying for my GCSEs and I feel that sexism in schools is a massive issue. The last thing I want to hear when walking into school on a Monday morning are rape ‘jokes’ and go-back-to-the-kitchen ‘jokes’. Many girls who openly support feminism are automatically shunned to the ‘feminazi’ corner, and if you ever say anything […]

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#todayin: sexism: young children must be protected from ingrained gender stereotypes

feminism - (sexism) satan

The piece below (from Laura Bates on the Guardian) shows a few examples of the everyday sexism that feeds into children’s education – “One [parent] referenced their son’s physics homework, which used examples of men pushing vans, lifting weights, climbing trees and shooting arrows. The sole female example was a woman pushing a pram. […] Numerous questions involved men doing […]

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Today in terrifying: How Scientologists Are Sneaking Their Way into Schools to Spread Their Propaganda

religion - cross

Not sure which scares me the most: Scientologists or flesh-eating snake-rat-mice-spiders. By its own estimate, Foundation for a Drug Free World, an education non-profit, has visited at least 20 percent of New York City’s schools, public and private. That’s over 14,000 children, it says, mainly in disadvantaged schools in outer boroughs. Drug Free World has won accolades from the City […]

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The Hidden Curriculum in Evangelism: Patriarchy

This isn’t an issue that I’ve read a great deal about. Certainly in Britain (and perhaps the rest of Europe), there is not a lot of evangelism on campus. Below is a guest post on about the real interests behind such a movement on campus: patriarchy and the subordination of women. It’s ironic, then, that it seems to be […]

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