Campus rape: “Rape culture is created and enabled by patriarchy, which empowers men at the expense of women” – @conversationUK

feminism - rape culture (being drunk is not consent)

On The Conversation: Elisabet le Roux, Stellenbosch University (and sort of follow-up to this piece from earlier: Campus assault: “Most likely attacker will be friend or acquaintance” – @conversationUK) Lady Gaga’s performance of Til it happens to you at the 2016 Academy Awards drew worldwide attention to sexual violence, and specifically the recent increase in sexual assault on American university campuses. It […]

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We’re blind to an epidemic of domestic abuse

From the guardian (emphasis added): According to an analysis of Office for National Statistics crime data, an estimated1.4 million women in Britain suffered domestic abuse in the year 2013-14. (Men are targeted as well, but female victims outnumber them by two-to-one in ONS estimates and three-to-one in cases recorded by big police forces.) The figures are shocking, but they do […]

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“The worst abuse of all is being so far away from our families” – young prisoner on @Rewire_News

criminology - children in prison (1)

Beaver was just 14 years old when he was charged as an adult and sentenced to 48 years. He spent several years in four facilities across the state, which housed between 280 and 300 residents. “Anything that you can imagine happening in an adult facility is also taking place in these juvenile prisons: there are fights and riots, threats of sexual […]

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Here’s how rape on campus remains a hidden crime – @ekenglander on @ConversationUK

Here’s how rape on campus remains a hidden crime. By @ekenglander on @ConversationUK The myth has been shattered. The college campus, it turns out, is not always a sheltered sanctuary of peaceful, rolling green lawns and ivy-covered brick. The reality of sexual assault at college has been brought home by recent investigations by the Office for Civil Rights of no […]

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#womenslives: Modern methods allow the Islamic State to keep up its systematic rape of captives under medieval codes

misc - terrorism

Locked inside a room where the only furniture was a bed, the 16-year-old learned to fear the sunset, because nightfall started the countdown to her next rape. During the year she was held by the Islamic State, she spent her days dreading the smell of the ISIS fighter’s breath, the disgusting sounds he made and the pain he inflicted on her body. […]

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#womenstories: Victim: “Peace Corps did the right thing by getting rid of him so quickly, but they tried to cover it up” – by @morganmeaker

misc. - cover up, do enter, silencing (1)

It all started in August last year when Scott was approached by a local who told her about two women who were alleging that a member of the Peace Corps had assaulted them. Scott reported the allegations to Peace Corps on August 7. Soon afterwards the Peace Corps announced that the person had resigned “for personal reasons.” It was this […]

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#womenslives: confused why women don’t report sexual assault? Ask Kesha. – @emmaladyrose

#womensstories, #womenslives

From Emma Gray on the Huffpo (emphasis added): On Friday afternoon, a judge ruled against Kesha’s request to be released from her contract with Sony. That contract commits the 28-year-old pop star to making six more albums with the company, and thus links her to a producer she says sexually assaulted her. In 2014, Kesha filed a lawsuit against producer Dr. […]

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#womenslives: “Equally disturbing are rapidly emerging forms of misogynistic cyberhate” – @Dr_AnastasiaP

feminism - online misogyny (Illustration by Nathaniel Gold)

Anastasia Powell (Senior Research and ARC DECRA Fellow, Justice and Legal Studies, RMIT University) on violence against women and technology. There are some useful stats too, for those who like/ need that sort of thing, and lots and lots of evidence. Federal MP Tim Watts spoke in parliament on Monday about the ways in which new technologies are being used to […]

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How Barack Obama has reformed America’s prisons: “Obama continues to emphasise action over rhetoric” – @TheEconomist

criminology - teenagers in prison

WHEN Barack Obama took office 7 years ago, many wondered whether the first black president would pursue an agenda that brought particular attention to racial inequality. A year later, the New York Times wrote that Mr Obama had “steered clear of putting race front and centre in his administration”, sparking some frustration among black leaders. Later in his presidency, Mr Obama […]

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The colour of violence: why do we humanise white guys who kill people?

crime - crime scene, outline

Good question, huh? From NYmag (emphasis added): On Friday, November 27, a 57-year-old white man named Robert Louis Dear allegedly injured nine people and killed three in a shooting spree at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs. Among those shot were four police officers, one of whom died. As several media outlets and many on social media noted, Dear was given the […]

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#inhaste: The conversation about Cologne needs to focus on women’s rights (from @feministcurrent)


From feministcurrent: Shock and outrage over the mass sexual assault in Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Eve has captivated the world through an outpouring of media coverage and debate. German women held protests, furious with the police who did little to stop the attacks and a mayor who initially responded by warning women to stay “an arm’s length away from men” […]

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#inhaste: An alarming 36% of women in Canadian prisons are Indigenous (from @feministing)


From feministing: These numbers are connected to the history of colonialism, a legacy of sex abuse in the residential school system,missing & murdered Indigenous women, as well as the ‘60s scoop‘, all of which disproportionately affect women and girls. (The term ‘60s scoop‘ refers to the staggering numbers of ‘adoptions’ in 1960s enabled by the abduction of children from their homes and communities without the […]

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