Catholic hospitals: “All five women had symptoms that indicated immediate delivery was safest option” – @kbeccaandrews

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“This resulted in a 17-month pattern whereby women who were miscarrying were refused medical intervention, resulting in dangerous cases of sepsis, emotional trauma, and unnecessary surgery.” — Becca Andrews: motherjones: A report that documents five cases of women whose miscarriages were treated in this manner was leaked to the Guardian. None of the pregnancies had progressed past 20 weeks, making viability […]

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#inhaste: the year we all talked about the Catholic Church (on @newrepublic)


From newrepublic: In 2015, however, we saw the two genres intersect often in the pages of the country’s most-read publications, much thanks to the larger-than-life presence of Pope Francis. The result was an unusually public debate about the internal workings of the Catholic Church, its ethics and practices, and most crucially its future. But did all that argument—much of it fraught with […]

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#saturdaysatire: Heartwarming Moment 78-Year-Old Celibate Man Forgives Women He’s Never Met


God bless him (pun totally intended and make no mistake). THIS 78-Year-Old man totally won the internet yesterday with this amazing gesture. Get the tissues ready, it’s a tearjerker. This celibate man named Pope Francis, somehow found the empathy to declare that he wouldn’t want to condemn women he’s never met to a hellish inferno for all eternity even though […]

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myth 2.

myth 2. Welcome to Day 2 of the ’8 Days-8 Reasons to Repeal the 8th’ where each day running to International Women’s Day, Abortion Rights Campaign we will be busting 1 common myth about abortion in Ireland. So check back here for tomorrow’s myth and tweet your own at us @freesafelegal and using #RepealThe8th. [Visit site.]

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The Pope’s beliefs about abortion will become relevant the day the Popebecomes pregnant

Yes. On newstatesman: Oh, Pope Francis. He was doing so well. For almost a year, liberals all over the world allowed themselves to believe that this Pope was different, that this Pope was more interested in the loving-each-other aspects of Christianity than in stigmatising contraception and shaming homosexuals. Then, in his annual speech on the state of the world, Jorge […]

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Ireland passes law allowing limited rights to abortion

Hugely important progress. It’s not enough (see below re. rape cases for example) but it is a start I thought I’d never see. Irish parliamentarians passed a groundbreaking law early on Thursday allowing limited abortion rights in the republic. Enda Kenny and his coalition government pushed through the protection of life in pregnancy bill, which will allow for abortions only […]

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Is the Catholic Church’s hard line on abortion legislation an acceptance that its influence over the Irish state is over?

On sluggerotoole: There are some interesting twists in the abortion debate in the Republic. As Michael Kelly of the Irish Catholic newspaper noted yesterday Armagh’s new-boy-to-be Eamonn Martin has been clear in ways his soon-to-be predecessor Sean Brady never was. As he also added, Rome will be pleased. Nevertheless, the latest MRBI/IPOSOS poll on whether there should be legislation (as […]

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Irish Feminists Still Fighting Church’s Political Influence

What you see in our Second Wave feminists is a focus against the Church, and the Church’s control of women’s bodies and minds,” she said. “That meant specifically targeting reproductive justice issues. … [But] the unmarried mother was the main social problem, the battleground in the culture war. Feminists were arguing for support so that women could keep their children. […]

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When a Doctor Wields a Bible: The Alarming Rise of Catholic Hospitals (US)

On alternet: Across the U.S., religious healthcare corporations  are absorbing once secular and independent hospitals and in the process imposing religious restrictions that pit standard medical practice against theology. Recently, a woman was traveling across the Midwest when she developed abdominal pain. She and her husband went to the nearest hospital, where she was diagnosed with a potentially fatal ectopic pregnancy. The […]

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A Brief History of Abortion in Ireland

This week, I’ve started to think if I never heard the word “abortion” again, I’d be a happy camper. I’ve been avoiding listening to the radio and watching television in an attempt to avoid the subject. Meanwhile, I’ve been spending most of my free time on the Abortion Rights Campaign. You might be wondering why. Well, Ireland’s history with abortion […]

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