#todayin: *smh* University isn’t for men? @jembloomfield

#todayin: *smh* University isn’t for men? @jembloomfield: quiteirregular (Jem Bloomfield) nails it once again. I missed the THE piece the first time around (praise the gods). Women and feminists are not holding men back at university (jaysus!) but their belief in (toxic) masculinity is. Here: Attempts to combat violent misogyny in British universities are putting men off going to uni. […]

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Women scientists do lab “donkey work”; male colleagues credited with brain work

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From the Chronicle of Higher Education, an associate prof. of informatics explores another gender imbalance in science. We know that women less likely to promoted and to progress in the sciences, and this piece describes how they are more likely to be doing the “donkey work” in the lab while male colleagues are credited with the brain work of data analysis, designing the experiments, and writing up […]

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#todayin: academia: Persistent sexual harassment primary reason women leave STEM

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From jezebel: “The absence of women within STEM programs is not only progressive, it is persistent,” Hope Jahren writes in a recent essay in the New York Times.By Stassa Edwards “Indeed, despite programs designed to interest girls in STEM, GoldieBlox, and supermodels celebrating the virtues of coding, the fields are still overwhelmingly male and seem virtually resistant to change. Jahren, […]

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