“Institutionalized sexism in business world means higher a woman rises the higher the costs of having that position” – @uajamie, @skepchicks

sociology - women's work (4)

Lack of promotions (or applications for promotions) in the business world (see also: academia) are little to do with women’s ambitions or talents, argues Jamie Bernstein on skepchick, and much more about the expectations placed on women outside of, and in, work which only get worse the more successful women become. A group of women researchers at Harvard recently released the results of […]

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#womensstories: violence online: “Women are taught from an early age to try not to cause a scene” –  @AlisonLeiby

feminism - online abuse, misogyny

What made this tweet different than all my other tweets (and please read that in your best Passover Seder voice), is that in the last few weeks I’ve received hundreds of negative replies from men ranging from from the tame “You’re not funny” comments to the harder to ignore threats suggesting they should rape me with a toothbrush. […] Men were […]

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“Greenham Common became a high-profile, long-lasting experiment in feminist co-operative living” – @tr0ublemayer

women - activism (greenham common)

Wonderful post about Greenham Common. Well worth a morning read. On openDemocracy by Sophie Mayer: But the legend of Greenham – an alternative world created by and for women activists – was something I absorbed during my feminist becoming. Beeban Kidron and Amanda Richardson’s documentary Carry Greenham Home (1983) was my first encounter with the rich, diffuse archive of Greenham stories. Here were women […]

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research: Parenting in Ghana: ‘this almost certainly reinforces the notion that men are “better”’

sociology - parenting

Parents use a number of methods to try and raise their children well – rewards, punishments and consciously modelled behaviours or instructions. These approaches are steeped in a country’s traditions. But such practices are not without problems. In most societies, boys and girls are raised very differently. And in Ghana, this almost certainly reinforces the notion that men are “better”. […]

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“My first basic thought was, what would we expect misogyny to be, understood as the most hostile and…”

My first basic thought was, what would we expect misogyny to be, understood as the most hostile and toxic manifestation of patriarchal ideology? Not a uniform hatred of women, surely. Patriarchal social structures, in conjunction with the ideology that governs them, work to make women into men’s deferential, attentive social subordinates, and to mask many of the forms of dominance […]

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“Trump signals a deep-seated fear of women, especially those who hold any sort of power” – @addiestan

feminism - hate, misogyny (VAW)

From Adele M. Stan on prospect.org: Well, whattaya know? Big, bad Donald Trump is afraid of a girl—well, a woman, to be more precise. A woman named Megyn Kelly. On Tuesday, Trump announced he was pretty certain that he would skip the final Republican presidential debate if Kelly, the Fox News Channel host, wasn’t booted from her role as moderator, a decision […]

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Islamophobia is gender violence and a feminist issue (from @FemReligion)

women - muslim women (judge me by what's in my head)

This is an excellent and important essay exploring the particularly gendered violence of Islamophobia (that is, that anti-muslim violence is disproportionately directed at women) and how Islamophobia is a feminist issue. The case of Larycia Hawkins, an African-American Christian, Associate Professor of political science at Wheaton College in the United States, who published a photo on Christmas day on Facebook wearing a headscarf in […]

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The colour of violence: why do we humanise white guys who kill people?

crime - crime scene, outline

Good question, huh? From NYmag (emphasis added): On Friday, November 27, a 57-year-old white man named Robert Louis Dear allegedly injured nine people and killed three in a shooting spree at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs. Among those shot were four police officers, one of whom died. As several media outlets and many on social media noted, Dear was given the […]

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#afeministtakeon: Dickensian: failing to meet great expectations on female characterisation (maybe) (from @thefwordUK)

#afeministtakeon (transp)

(Spoilers.) For the most part I am enjoying Dickensian (though its erratic schedule and permanent Christmas time are as confusing as they are bizarre) and I don’t necessarily agree with the take below (from the fworduk). On the contrary, I think that Amelia and Honoria in particular are playing the roles that were meant for young women then (and now) – they’re beautiful and […]

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#todayin: seriously! white men don’t need defending, written by white man (from @jembloomfield)

men - poor menz, what about the men

The idea that we’re being “derided” comes from a reading of the British Social Attitudes Survey, in which it seems this demographic were the most expected to be “lazy”, “drunken” and “promiscuous”. Cosslett usefully demonstrates that many people are vulnerable to stereotyping, by suggesting jokily that the survey was taken mainly by “the nation’s Hyacinth Buckets outside Marks and Spencers”, […]

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essay: pornography in the countryside (from @feministcurrent)

feminism - pornography cinema

Fascinating essay from Heather Brunskell-Evans on men’s narratives around their consumption of pornography, social shaping, subjects, objects, and women’s (in)equality. I found myself spending the few days over the New Year period in a community deep in the UK countryside. Apart from sharing domestic chores, much of the time could be spent deliciously relaxing on sofas arranged around a huge wood burning […]

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Even in most progressive circles, staying together is what matters (on @thefworduk)

feminism - (marriage) life sentence

[…] The idea that good people have lasting relationships comes from all directions. There are social conservatives, often with religious objections to divorce, who have an inconsistent faith in romantic love. Marriage is wonderful, they argue, but marriage is extremely difficult, and what counts is that people endure it, no matter what. Such people often use statistics which demonstrate the […]

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