I couldn’t have kept up with everything that’s been going on in the femosphere (that really does work) these last seven days even if I had had the time. It’s been stomach-churning, bewildering, and at times terrifying. Most of what I’ve been seeing has been concerned with the #twitterabuse that’s been going on for, oh, a fortnight now, give or take. I linked to a lot of it last week. I’m in two minds about the twitter report button (what an academic I am). Mostly, I think it’s just impractical and unworkable. And, besides, reporting, blocking, suspending etc. itself would do little to tackle underlying issues around misogyny; they would just be displaced to a new, meaner, more determined account. (There's a whole host of criminological theories about that very thing.) Anyway, this week’s roundup.

On  #twitterabuse:

On the porn ban (also here): First they came for the porn stars: the problem with an online filter (newstatesman)

On covering up lads’ mags:

All else: