All else this week, then.

- Think Progress updates on US college campuses which are starting to combat high rates of rape, and rape culture, on campus. It's not so many, alas.

- Bitch has got an interesting piece on women-only comedy spaces.

- sianandcrookedrib discusses the shaming of single mothers on benefits and, importantly, the non-payment of maintenance by absent fathers. This piece was partially alongside Laurie Penny's article in the guardian about the "crises of masculinity": There is no creature more loathed and misunderstood in modern Britain than the single mother on benefits. She is blamed both for the financial crisis and for the attendant collapse in men's self-esteem. The academic Geoff Dench was among those who attacked her, complaining that "the taxes of working men pay for [single mothers'] benefits". The taxes of working women, presumably, are spent on shoes and lipstick. My regular readers will know that I'm not so fond of this notion of a "crises of masculinity".

- Weekwoman tells Mervyn King to to sort himself out. It seems he didn't bother reading the petition text that he received, from over 24,000 people, about keeping a woman on sterling banknotes. We have the Queen, he said. Yes, we know! She doesn't count.

- The bellejar has a piece about men and feminism. There are some interesting points here: I don’t think that men have any place as leaders in the movement. I don’t think that they should ever, ever lecture women on how to be feminists. And I sure as hell don’t think that they should claim to support equality while at the same time decrying things like the term “privilege” as a silencing tactic.

- In Canada, more women are elected than ever before (PSAwomenpolitics). Good news.

- Harriet Harman notes that women over 50 account for only 18% of TV presenters (newstatesman): Women account for 48 per cent of TV presenters under 50 but just 18 per cent of TV presenters above that age (despite representing 53 per cent of all over-50s). None of the statistics on that link are good.

- Christians are not being persecuted in American schools (commentisfree) and any claims that they are are just excuse-making for reactionary polices and behaviours.

- The newstatesman has a piece on social mobility. Whatever chance there was of that under the last government, there's none now.

- Finally, something to set your teeth on edge and ruin the rest of your day: Why Nadine Dorries is so eager to go into an alliance with UKIP (liberalconspiracy). Heaven preserve us.